How Many Nursing Bras Do You Actually Need?

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How Many Nursing Bras Do You Actually Need?

When you’re in the newly pregnant stage, your breasts are often tender and subtly—or dramatically—fuller, and probably the only part of you that actually looks pregnant. Hellooo, hormones. Every woman’s body changes at a different rate. If your current bras aren’t comfortable anymore, consider a nursing bra that will grow with you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

In your second trimester, your breasts continue to grow (thanks to increased blood flow and expanding milk glands), and you’ll most likely be needing more support than your regular bras can offer. Choose nursing bras that offer comfortable stretch and support to make your days that much more comfortable. One of these nursing bras are guaranteed to become your favorite and in some cases you’ll be able to wear the nursing bra right through until the baby is born and beyond!

By your third trimester, your rib cage has expanded to accommodate your baby.  Did you know your rib band could be one size larger than it will be after you deliver?  And the changes don’t stop here –  your cup size could increase one to two sizes from pre-pregnancy, and could go up one more size (really!) in the first days after your baby is born. The bottom line: buy nursing bras where the band fits comfortably on the loosest setting (so you can tighten it after your baby is born), and with stretchy cups that can handle the changes in breast size.

Here’s what to look for in a great nursing bra:

  • Luxuriously soft, seamless and wire-free for added comfort
  • 4-way stretch fabric molds to your changing shape.
  • Removable foam inserts for shape and discretion
  • Easy open and close clips
  • Full drop-away bra cups for skin to skin contact.
  • Clips unclip at the shoulder and down and away from your body to give baby full access to your breast, providing you and your baby skin-to-skin contact which is essential to help establish a breastfeeding rhythm.
  • Nursing clips that stay closed: proprietary clips lie flat under close-fitting clothing and easily open and close with one hand.

So how many nursing bras does a pregnant or nursing mom actually need?

Moms and experts all agree that you will want a minimum of 3 nursing bras: One to wear, one to wash and one to have in the drawer.  You will feel confident knowing that you’re prepared for that unexpected spit up, leak or just a simple reason like freshening up after wearing one non-stop for 24 hours straight.

These 3 styles are perfect for every day:

Body Silk SeamlessBody Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

Over-the-top comfy from bump to baby, this super comfy bra is perfect throughout your pregnancy and while you’re nursing. With clips that are easy to open and close, full drop-away cups, and a luxurious soft, seamless 4-way stretch fabric that molds to your changing shape, it’s everything you want in a maternity bra and a nursing bra.


Dream Nursing Tank

Dream Nursing Tank

Perfect for wearing at home or on the go, this all-in-one nursing bra and tank gives you full length style and full time support. Wear it alone with your favourite jeans, or under a sweater with a cozy pair of leggings for a look that’s practical, stylish, and super comfortable.


Bravado BSS Yoga

Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra

Active mamas, this one’s made just for you – though it’s definitely comfy enough to wear as your everyday bra! With convertible criss-cross straps, soft, seamless construction, and a sporty heather look, this is the perfect choice to take you from yoga mat to play mat.

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