Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 5 Unique Gifts for the Environmentalist

Sustainable LivingHoliday Gift Guide 2019: 5 Unique Gifts for the Environmentalist

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 5 Unique Gifts for the Environmentalist

gifts for the environmentalist on your list

Gifting to an environmentalist can be tricky. You want to get them something they’ll actually use, something that won’t harm the environment, and something they don’t already have. To give you a hand, we’ve rounded up five unique gifts for the environmentalist on your list!

1. no tox lifeNo Tox Life Zero Waste Dish Washing Block

Okay hear us out – this isn’t *just* dish soap. It’s a super trendy vegan and zero waste bar of soap that you can use for dishes and more. It’s unscented and fragrance free, and each 7.5oz bar replaces three plastic bottles, significantly reducing your giftee’s plastic use!

2. Unwrapped Life Daytona Travel Setunwrapped life shampoo bars

Unwrapped Life is luxury, zero waste hair care at it’s finest. These bars are a customer and staff favourite, so we’re gifting them to everyone this season! We love a set, but the single shampoo bars make great stocking stuffers!

birds papaya bundle3. TheBirdsPapaya Zero Waste Bundle

In partnership with Sarah Laundry of @TheBirdsPapaya, we’ve launched three exclusive bundles! These are all curated by Sarah herself, with some of her favourite products.

The Zero Waste Bundle is exactly what it sounds like – a bundle of zero waste essentials. There’s the flip & tumble produce bags, a S’ip by S’well travel mug, and a Baggu Bag to hold it all!

4. Well Kept Matte Black Safety Razor

A beautiful, well made safety razor is the perfect gift for someone looking to reduce their single use plastic! Well Kept razors are made of solid brass in three different colours. Safety razors aren’t only plastic free, they offer a shave with reduced irritation, they’re sustainable, and they’re a long term, cost effective shaving solution.

stasher bundle 5. Stasher Reusable Bundle

Stasher bags are amazing, reusable bags that you can use for literally anything. We love them as makeup bags, travel bags, food and snack bags, the list goes on! This bundle is perfect to get your zero waste environmentalist started, but there’s more sizes and colours here.

What are your go-to zero waste gifts?

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