Happy National Pet Day!

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Happy National Pet Day!

Here at Well.ca, we are extremely excited to celebrate National Pet Day! We’re profiling our employees’ beloved fur (and scaly) babies to get insight on the pet enriched lives that they live outside of the office and warehouse.

Parent: Lauren, Designer

Name: Fleury

Breed: Husky

Age: 5 years

About: She was rescued from the Toronto Human Society, capturing our hearts with her calming singing (her famous “Husky Howl”). She has a scar around her muzzle from an unthinkable past but has taught us how incredibly determined she is to love humans and make us happy! She is obsessed with her squeaky toys and treats them like her own puppies, she even tried to steal “her mini-me” Ty Buff The Dog when it was a gift for my mother-in-law. If you try to throw one of her toys she not only won’t bring it back but will also give you side-eye as she lies down to lick it better. I also have a 14-year-old mackerel tabby named Kirby (from Kirby, ON) – I often replace lyrics of songs with his name.


Parent: Danielle, Merchandise Planner

Name: Jaxxy-Bear

Type: Cockapoo

Age: 7

About: Jaxxy-bear is a snuggle monster who loves rolling around in the dirt and hiding his daddy and mommy’s socks under the couch.

His favourite treat when he is being a good boy is sweet potatoes, black beans, and cauliflower.


Parent: Chris, Warehouse Team Lead

Name: Rigby

Breed: Brown Tabby

Age: 7 months

About: I got her from the Guelph Humane Society last October. I adore her. She is a joy to come home to and she gets lots and lots of love. As you can tell she loves her PetLinks Pillar Pawz Cat Scratcher.




Parent: Angela, Associate Buyer in Baby & Kids

Name: Dexter

Breed: Mix

Age: 6.5 years

About: Dexter is a bundle of energy! He loves taking walks and running around but he also loves snuggling on the couch to watch TV. His fave things to eat are carrots and cheese and he goes crazy for broccoli stems! He will always greet you at the door when you come home and bring you a collection of his favourite toys as a welcome gift!


Parent: Carolyn, Warehouse Senior Team Lead

Name: Luna (aka Lunabear, Loonietunes)

Breed: Cat

Age: 6 years

About: 5 and a half years ago I decided I wanted to rescue a cat from the Humane Society. I was determined to get a cat and name her Luna. When I walked into the shelter there was a 6 month old kitten with a name tag on the cage reading “Luna”. I knew right then it was meant to be! She was picked up when she was 6 months old, no one knows what her life was like up until then. Once timid, now super happy and cuddly. She always sleeps curled up in between my legs and often wakes me up by sitting on my chest and licking my face. 🙂


Parent: Courtney, Warehouse Senior Team Lead

Name: Maya (aka Maya Moo)

Breed: Boxer with English Mastiff Mix

Age: 4 years

About: Maya was a rescue dog where she was neglected by previous owners my parents took her in 2 years ago and is now loving life.

Maya’s personality is cuddling, especially if you have any blanket she will follow you where ever you go with it just to cuddle.

She always tries to bring sticks in the house and her favorite toy is the Charming Pet Products Pulleez Giraffe Dog Toy which she has with her majority of the time. She is very lovable, playful & so thankful we have her in our life.


Parent: Michelle, Warehouse Specialist

Name (age) type:  Storm (5 years) Siberian Husky, Kiwi (9 years) Doberman, Rubi (1 year) Indica (13 years) Mimic (5 years) cats, Bo (5 years) Kenyan Sand Boa, Puffy and George (<1 year) Figure 8 Puffers, Mr.Pincher (<1 year) Blue Claw Tiger Crayfish.

About my zoo: Storm is my adventure buddy and loves the outdoors. Kiwi teaches people not to judge a book by its cover – she looks mean but is the most loveable dog in the world. Rubi (named after a Jeep Rubicon and the newest addition) is polydactyl – she has 22 toes! Indica is my old grumpy girl. Mimic got his name because he looks exactly like Indica. Bo spends 80% of his life under sand (perfect for those who have partners that don’t like snakes). To round things off: Puffy, George, and Mr.Pincher are my favourites out of my 100+ aquatic friends.


Parent: Jasmin, Receiving Coordinator

Name: Ozzy

Breed: Old American Lab

Age: 10 years old and still crazy!

About: Got this adorable fella when he was 8 wks old, even though he is now a “salt and pepper lab” he STILL has more energy than me! Takes his Nature’s Way Boswellia every morning for the hips, then good to go!




Parent: Ashleigh, Beauty Buyer

Name: Hades

Type: Husky

Age: 3

About: Hades loves playing in the snow and going on long walks. His favourite food is asparagus and his favourite colour is blue. He loves talking to everyone and will always greet you with a big wet kiss! 




Parent: Christina, Customer Care

Name: Dexter and Parker

Breed: German Sheppard and Shih-poo

Age: 7 years and 12 years

About: Dexter is a full of life crazy dog who absolutely loves to play hide and seek, his super nose can find you almost anywhere! He is also a Frisbee pro! Parker is a little more laid back, he loves to snuggle on the couch, and is always looking for a lap to sit on!


 Parent: Luana, Sales Associate at Well.ca Sherway Pop-up Store

Name: Milo

Type: Half Shitzo & Apall Lapsa

Age: 1 year, 8 months

About: Loves people very friendly and favourite food is the Rollover Semi-Moist Dog Food Roll Lamb & Veggie Dinner.

Milo does a lot of tricks. He can rollover, give paw, play dead and many more. Favourite stuff animal is his Charming Pet Products Ropes Gone Wild Giraffe Dog Toy.


Parent: Glennis, Receiving

Name: Champ

Breed: Pekingese

Age: 12 years

About: I adopted Champ from a rescue when he was one and he has been my best friend & tiny fuzzy son for 11 years. He is an old geezer but he still acts like a puppy 🙂


Parent: Joy, Customer Care Supervisor

Name: Russell Martin

Type: Australian Shepherd

Age: 14 weeks

About: Named after the Toronto Blue Jays backcatcher #55 (my celeb crush). He loves everyone he meets and knows he’s cute- often using this to his advantage.

The other dog in the bottom right corner is my husbands 5 year old Border Collie. Her name is Tricksy  **Clearly I have a favourite ;)**


Parent: Rebecca, Merchandising Assistant

Name: Zeus

Breed: Pug

Age: 9 years

About: Zeus is a straight up Gangster. He is a pug. Enough said.





Parent: Leah, Merchandising Assistant

Name (age) breed:  Duncan (3 years) German shepherd/border collie, Taya (10 years) fat black cat, Moe (8 years) Tuxedo cat

About my family: Duncan is the biggest suck ever! But he’s a hugger, so beware when you come over! He always enjoys pestering his big sisters! Taya is all about morning cuddles, afternoon cuddles, nighttime cuddles. All she wants is cuddles! Except for when you’ve crawled into bed, she decides to sit in the living room and meow as loud as she can until her name is called. She has a thing for bringing socks out of the bedroom to the living room. And then there’s Taya’s baby, Moe. Let’s be clear, Moe is a female. She got her name from the mohawk looking fur on her belly. She likes hogging the heat in the winter by sleeping on the registers while in the summers loves to sunbathe in the window. Her favourite spot for warmth though, is right on your chest while you’re sleeping!


Parent: Rajeev Sharma, IT Manager

Name: Harley

Breed: Not 100% sure, he is a rescue. Thinking Rottweiler, German Sheppard, and a third of something!

Age: 4.5 years

About: Harley was a stray from Ohio who we adopted from a foster home.  He is an energetic, funny and playful boy.  Harley is great with all types of personalities especially little kids and other animals.  His favourite things in life are peanut butter, cheese, his toys and giving strangers sloppy wet kisses! Loves the outdoors and exploring things, but car rides probably tops his list.


Parent: Anne, Merchandise Planner

Name: Gus

Breed: Westie

Age: 5 years

About: This is Gus. He has a larger than life personality and likes to be the center of attention at all times. He is always full of energy and loves to play with all of his toys, especially his favorite squeaky chicken.  During the summer you can find him swimming and taking frequent jeep rides. His favourite foods are peanut butter, bacon and ice cream.


Parent: Jillian, Customer Care Supervisor

Name: Maverick

Breed: rescue tabby cat

Age: 1 year

About: He’s got his Jays jersey on and is ready to cheer along during the 2017 season!

When Maverick isn’t treating our house like his personal jungle-gym, he is purring contently while we rub his spotted “cheetah belly”.


Parent: Amanda, Lead Designer

Name: Skittles, Todd

Breed: Shepherd Mix, grumpy old cat

Age: 1.5 years, 17 years

About: My husband and I adopted Skittles last May through Just Paws Animal Rescue. She came all the way from Nashville Tennessee to join our family! She enjoys going for long walks, and playing in the backyard with her rope toy. She also loves belly rubs so much that she can often be found sleeping or relaxing belly up hoping to score some extra rubs. Skittles has an older cat brother named Todd. Skittles will often try playing with Todd, which she thinks is super fun – but he not so much. They can sometimes be caught snuggling, which just makes my heart melt.


Thank you to the Toronto Humane Society for touring us through their facility for National Pet Day celebrations!

When adding a pet to your family, please consider a local rescue to help you find that perfect match!Save





















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