Get Ready for the Holidays: Green Cleaning Tips

HolidayGet Ready for the Holidays: Green Cleaning Tips

Get Ready for the Holidays: Green Cleaning Tips

green cleaning tips

These next few weeks are probably just as busy at your house as it is in mine. With the holiday chaos in full swing, chances are you’re wrapping, planning, and getting your house ready for all the guests who will filter in and out.

With little time and a lot to do, no one has hours to spend on cleaning and tidying the house for the influx of people and events. Parents have even less time and with kids in the house it means more germs, dirt, and more power needed from the cleaning products to get what you need clean without all the time.

I like to use green products, which mean they come from sources that are more natural and thankfully, they still do just as great as a job at cleaning as the traditional ones do. Since I have four kids at home they know how to make messes and whether I am doing the cleaning quickly myself or asking them to help along the way I just trust the more natural products coming into contact with my kids.

If you’re doing some quick cleaning for the holiday chaos, here are some tips for getting your home ready for guests without needing to spend too much time scrubbing. The key is knowing where to focus your time to make the biggest “clean” impact.

Here are my top 4 green cleaning tips for the holidays:

Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaning Spray

1. Spot clean the kitchen

When it comes to the holiday season, much of the entertainment centres around food and that means a tidy kitchen can make the whole house seem cleaner. Focus your cleaning energy and time on spot cleaning the kitchen, making sure the dishes are done and put away, the counters are wiped clean, and light a candle to make it smell amazing.

If you’re looking for a green antibacterial product, try this one from Method and Seventh Generation makes a dish washing soap you need to try – both smell so good you won’t need a candle.

Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner 2. Don’t forget that toilet!

I am not a fan of cleaning the bathroom but kids and holiday guests means it’s an important house chore. If you only have a few moments to spend making your restroom guest-ready, spend time wiping surfaces and cleaning the toilet – which everyone will notice.

You don’t need harmful chemicals with strong smells to get the toilet sparking, try Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner which will give the room a nice pine-scented smell!

 Staff Only Info UPC: 00055500010677 Supplier: McKesson [635706] Supplier: [635706] Green Works Glass & Surface Cleaner3. Make the mirrors and windows sparkle.

When it comes to making a home look tidy and clean, mirrors and windows can have a big impact. If they’re even a little bit dirty, your house guests will notice and if you have kids, they’re probably covered in fingerprints and toothpaste like my windows and mirrors. Sparkling mirrors and see-through windows can make a big “clean” impact and open up a room. This is an easy chore for kids to tackle on their own.

Try Green Works Glass Cleaner, which will leave your mirrors and windows streak-free without any harmful chemicals or residue.

Method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner4. Make those floors shine.

Having floors that are not only clear of clutter, but also shiny can make a huge impact in the cleanliness of your home. Even if it’s not completely spotless, it can make it seem that way to guests! If you have a house with young kids or visiting babies who are crawling, having clean floors using natural products is a good idea all around.

Try Method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner which will give your floors a great shine, smell, without all the harmful residue.

What are your cleaning tips for the holidays? Which products are your favourite? Share in the comments!


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