Our Favourite Green Cleaners for Every Surface & Room in the House

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Our Favourite Green Cleaners for Every Surface & Room in the House

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You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to get tough cleaning jobs done! Meet some of our favourite green cleaners that are safe for your family, and perfect for every room in your home.

Windows & Mirrors

greenglassFor a streak-free clean without any toxic chemicals or residue, our top picks are Glass & Surface Cleaners by ALLORGANIC and Green Works. We love that they’re both made with natural, safe ingredients and are great at getting windows, glass, and even countertops and appliances squeaky clean.



Lemon Aide Lemon & Lavender Dish Liquid

Whether you prefer to tackle your dirty dishes using a dishwasher or you’re more hands-on when it comes to dish duty, opting for green cleaners in the kitchen is key. You’re using them on the dishes that you and your family are going to be eating and drinking out of, so they’d better be safe! Lemon Aide Lemon & Lavender Dishwashing Liquid uses lemon and lavender essential oils to fight grease and grime, leaving behind nothing but a gorgeous scent.



The bathroom may be the hardest working room in your home, but that doesn’t mean that you need to turn to harsh ingredients to get it clean! For cleaning toilets, our pick is Method Antibac Toilet Cleaner. We love that it uses natural ingredients (and a super fresh spearmint scent) to clean, freshen, and eliminate bacteria and dirt. To tackle stubborn grime on shower stalls, tubs sinks, counters, and everywhere else, we love eco-max Bathroom Cleaner.



Your floors are the most high-traffic surfaces in your home, and if you’ve got little ones (especially crawlers), using safe cleaners on them is super important. We love Method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner — it’s got a non-toxic, no-wax formula and an easy-spray nozzle that’s great for surfaces like tile, marble, and linoleum. For wood floors, look for products like ATTITUDE Floor Surfaces Tiles & Wood Cleaner that help protect your food surfaces while keeping them streak free and looking like new.

All-Purpose Cleaners


A good natural, all-purpose cleaner is a key component of your healthy home cleaning arsenal. Our favourites are formulas that are plant-based, non-toxic, and smell AMAZING, like The Honest Company Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner in White Grapefruit Scent and Sapadilla Grapefruit + Bergamot All Purpose Cleaner and . They’re both perfect for all kinds of surface, and have gorgeous citrus scents.

Cleaning Cloths & Wipes

J.R. Watkins All-Purpose Wipes

No green cleaning routine would be complete without cleaning cloths and wipes to mop up spills and wipe down countertops. If you prefer to use a reusable dry cloth, we recommend e-cloths – they naturally traps and kill bacteria, mop up spills, and remove stubborn dirt and grease using only water. For pre-moistened ready to go wipes, we love J.R. Watkins All-Purpose Wipes – they get surfaces squeaky clean naturally, and have a fresh aloe and green tea scent.


SmartKlean Laundry Ball

Last but definitely not least on our list, laundry essentials! To get mounds of laundry clean without using chemicals, our top picks are the SmartKlean Laundry Ball and Boulder Clean Natural Laundry Detergent Packs. The SmartKlean Ball is filled with mineral-derived ceramic beads and magnets that work to eliminate germs and bacteria once they come into contact with water, leaving you with fresh, clean laundry, naturally! Boulder’s Laundry Detergent Packs leave laundry smelling fresh and clean, while being gentle on your clothes and the planet–all in an easy-to-use pod.

What are your green cleaning essentials? Tell us in the comments!


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