Got Pain? Cool Down Inflammation to be Pain Free

WellnessGot Pain? Cool Down Inflammation to be Pain Free

Got Pain? Cool Down Inflammation to be Pain Free

Inflammation is on everyone’s mind these days. We know inflammation for its role in chronic disease. But also, on a day-to-day basis, most of us associate inflammation with pain.

Inflammation is a completely natural process in the body. When an injury occurs, inflammation helps to increase blood flow to the area, to help to destroy the injury. This kind of inflammation is productive and necessary to our healing!

But if the inflammatory process is left unchecked, and no longer serves a purpose to the healing process, it can begin to damage tissues in the body, causing pain and stiffness in the joints. And to add insult to injury, inflammation actually makes the sensation of pain more intense!

There are many things that can lead to chronic inflammation such as stress, lack of sleep and environmental toxins, or a chronic irritant of low intensity that persists, such as an old injury or dietary sensitivity. While reducing or limiting these factors in your life is important to reduce pain, sometimes a natural form of pain relief must step in to help!

Turmeric to the Rescue!

If you’re like most people, when you think of natural ways to deal with pain and inflammation, you think of turmeric! Turmeric is one of the best-known natural ways to squash inflammation at its source. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine – a system of natural healing that originated in India.

And modern medicine agrees. Several recent studies have shown that turmeric can help to reduce joint stiffness, improve physical functioning and can even help to reduce inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.

But only a very small percentage of turmeric’s active curcuminoids can be absorbed. Relief from pain and inflammation can take large doses over a long period of time. But when you’re in pain, you don’t have time to wait!

This is what inspired Genuine Health to think outside of the box to create a pain relief product with the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric that also works quickly to relieve pain and inflammation. Genuine Health is a leader in natural pain relief and brought natural eggshell membrane to market as a key ingredient in their effective and well-loved fast pain relief line.

Genuine Health also launched the first fermented supplement in 2013 and turned to this ancient technique to make the turmeric more powerful and better absorbed. Fermentation is a healthy and effective way to get the most out of turmeric! The fermentation process completely transforms turmeric – so it is more bioavailable and contains new, potent phytonutrients!

  • Bioavailability is doubled
  • Blood concentrations become up to 27x higher
  • Total phenolic content (the active ingredients) are up to 5x more concentrated
  • Anti-inflammatory activity is enhanced
  • New, potent phytonutrients are formed, specifically tetrahydrocurcumin

Introducing fast joint care+ with Fermented Turmeric

This summer, Genuine Health welcomed fast joint care+ with fermented turmeric to its pain relief family.

The super-potent, phytonutrient-rich form of turmeric is coupled with BiovaFlex®, a patented natural eggshell membrane exclusive to Genuine Health. Richer in joint-building proteins like glucosamine and chondroitin, BiovaFlex® is more powerful than standard eggshell membranes and works faster to relieve pain and provide the structural components necessary to nourish and heal joints. BiovaFlex® has also been found to reduce C-reactive protein, a clinical marker of inflammation in the body. Best of all, BiovaFlex® works quickly to reduce pain – delivering relief in just 5 days!

Only Genuine Health brings this synergistic combination of BiovaFlex® natural eggshell membrane and fermented organic turmeric – for fast pain relief and amplified anti-inflammatory action.

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