If You’re Looking for Gluten-Free Snack Swaps, You Need to Read This Post

FoodSnacks & DessertsIf You’re Looking for Gluten-Free Snack Swaps, You Need to Read This Post

If You’re Looking for Gluten-Free Snack Swaps, You Need to Read This Post

Gluten free grains and flours

Even though there are oodles (and oodles!) of new gluten-free blogs, articles, cookbooks and other resources popping up all the time, cutting out wheat and other glutinous grains from your diet is difficult—we get it. When we left noodles behind, it was a messy-faced-cry farewell.

It doesn’t really matter if you’ve been gluten-free forever or are just dipping your toe in, snacks, treats and small meals are the areas where it can hurt the most. But thanks to LÄRABAR, there are some delicious snack alternatives that will ensure that you miss gluten a lot less.

Quick and Simple Breakfast Options

Hitting the snooze button, getting littles out the door, taking Fido for a walk, and getting to work will all win the battle over your having the perfectly balanced and delicious three course breakfast on a weekday morning. Stop stressing and keep it simple.

Of course, a slice of toast with nut butter or a quick breakfast sandwich both have gluten in them. But keeping a stock of gluten-free bars like  LÄRABAR’s Fruit and Nut Bars in Apple and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip on hand adds up to simplicity at its best. They’re both like the perfect muffin—soft and chewy with a bit of crunch—but without oven time and baking tins. And everyone can grab one on their way out the door (including you before you chase after them with their permission slip/instrument/gym clothes/math textbook/jacket).

Afternoon and After School Snack Options

Afternoon and after school snack cravings can be disastrous. You’ve eaten well all day and then 3:30 or 4pm hits and tummies everywhere are growling with no dinner in sight. No need to fear—you can still please those taste buds AND get an afternoon pick-me-up when you make the right gluten-free swap. What used to be greasy, sleep-inducing chips or even a sugar-filled beverage is now an opportunity to fuel your brain (and your kid’s brains) for the rest of the day.

In amazingly delicious flavour combinations like Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Macaroon and Double Chocolate, LÄRABAR Bites will disappear fast and leave everyone smiling. They’ll satisfy any sweet craving with a few simple ingredients rolled into one delicious morsel. The resealable pouch also allows you treat yourself to one bite at a time of these delicious truffle-like treats. Made with less than 9 simple ingredients, they are dairy free, non-GMO, vegan, and of course, gluten-free.

Evening and Bedtime Snack Options

Ending the day on a sweet note is a lovely indulgence and if you can do it and stay gluten-free, all the better! While you may not be able to grab that beloved slice of pie or certain packaged sweet treats, there are options for feeding your sweet tooth without a shred of gluten in sight.

Enter LÄRABAR’s Coconut Cream Bars. If you adore the taste of coconut, then this mix of cashews almonds and unsweetened coconut is for you. With 5 grams of fibre per day, it’s a perfect alternative to a slice of oh-so-decadent coconut cream pie and is still a journey into deliciousness.

If coconut isn’t in your repertoire of favourites, what about chocolate? And how do you make a chocolate lover fall even deeper in love? Double the chocolate. That’s what Larabar did with their Chocolate Brownie Bar, made with chocolate chips and cocoa, dates, almonds, and walnuts, and including 4g of fibre. Feel the love, indulge in the sweet.

So there you have it. Gluten-free snacking certainly does not mean flavour-free snacking. Larabar ensures it. Made from 100% whole food, each snack is pure and simple; gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, vegan and kosher. And each bar has only 3-6 ingredients. Happy (gluten-free) snacking!

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