Get A Glow-Up with GLAMGLOW’s Amazing Masks

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Get A Glow-Up with GLAMGLOW’s Amazing Masks

Face masks have been used as beauty enhancers forever; the ancient East Indians used one with aloe, herbs and flowers while Cleopatra applied a mask of Dead Sea mud and honey. Marie Antoinette wore one of egg whites and Cognac under her layers of white makeup and in the 1800s something called a ‘face glove’ emerged into use (only to be pulled from the market because of suffocation issues). Face masks have forever been a way to relax and unwind and to repair and prepare the skin, and continue to be used and endorsed by celebrities and beauty fans alike.

I’ll admit that I too have been smitten with beauty masks. I remember my mom and I lounging on the couch with some form of sticky, tingly mask on our faces in the 80s and 90s. I grew up donning one any night before I had an event or occasion like graduation, a school dance or a job interview. I also recall having self-care days with my son when he was little, him with a delicious concoction on his cheeks and forehead made from banana and honey, me with something made from clay or charcoal. Beauty masks have come a long way–even from just 15 years ago.

Founded in 2010 by husband-and-wife team Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, GLAMGLOW products were created for backstage use in Hollywood. Shannon and Glenn were enjoying a casual evening with friends in the Hollywood Hills when one guest asked if anyone knew of a product that made skin instantly camera-ready. The verdict was unanimous: nothing gave instant results. With willing celebrities as test subjects, they set out to create a solution. After researching, they found a small, family-owned lab to make the formula, filled plain-white sample jars at home and hand-delivered it. Wowed by the results, word spread fast in Hollywood. Top entertainment executives, A-list actors, musicians, and celebrity makeup artists all called requesting the “no-name magic mud.” Within a year, it was used all over Hollywood. Knowing they had made something that made skin glow and everyone feel glamorous, GLAMGLOW and YOUTHMUD were born. Celebrities jumped on it, posting pics of themselves in the cult-favourite grey mask, and eventually, the products made their way into stores.

Supermud Instant Clearing Treatment Mask

GlamGlow’s number-one selling charcoal mud mask, its advanced clearing treatment instantly fights skin imperfections and is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. Kaolin clay, activated charcoal, and their Super Six Acid Blend (lactic, mandelic, glycolic, salicylic, tartaric, and pyruvic–say that five times fast!) instantly work together to target congestions, clogged pores, and dead skin cell buildup, leaving behind clearer poreless-looking skin.

Pro tip: All you need is a thin layer; some people put it on their whole face, and some just use it as a t-zone or spot treatment. Whatever way you use it, this super-powered mask visibly, instantly clears your complexion.

Brightmud Dual-Action Exfoliating Treatment

Visibly and quickly (in 20 minutes!) bring dull skin back to life with this exfoliating mask. Its blend of lactic and salicylic acids along with micro-fine pumice gently polishes away dulling surface cells to reveal visibly bright, even, glowing skin in mere minutes. The chemical exfoliants loosen the bonds attaching dead skin cells while the physical exfoliants go to work and help to gently remove these layers for optimal brilliance. While not best for sensitive skin, this mask’s benefits include polishing, smoothing, brightening and evening of your skin. For optimal results, start by using three days in a row, and then use 2-3 times per week.

Pro tip: When first applying, use light, circular motions around the face for just a few seconds and allow it to work for 20 minutes. Those illuminating spheres on your skin that sort of look like glitter—but are ocean-safe minerals—can be left on or rinsed away. A little or a lot; it all depends on your glow goals!

Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment Mask

This creamy, ultra-hydrating miracle mask instantly quenches your dry, parched skin with an intense surge of soothing 24-hour hydration. While Hyaluronic Acid floods the skin with a rush of continuous moisture, coconut, honey and ginger smooth and re-energize thirsty skin. This creamy, cooling mask leaves skin 290 percent(!) more hydrated after a single application. It works day, night, or in-flight to quickly calm and alleviate tightness from dryness, dehydration, or cabin air by trapping and replenishing vital moisture to support the skin barrier. Skin is left with a lasting, healthy-looking glow and a soft, supple feel.

Pro tip: When your skin is adequately moisturized, it won’t produce extra (read: pore-clogging) oil. This potent skin saver glides on like a Gel and you can wipe it off after the allotted time or rub it in to intensify the moisturization. In addition to your visage, try it on dry hands, cuticles, elbows, arms, legs, or any other area that needs a serious hydration boost.

Gravitymud Firming Treatment Mask

We dare you to try to not take a selfie in this mask…it’s impossible it’s so gorgeous! This shiny chrome peel-off face mask with licorice and marshmallow extracts helps skin feel firmer. It also tightens and lifts skin in an instant and is excellent for all skin types. This mask peels off to leave skin feeling tighter, and helps skin’s contours feel firmer and look more defined.

Pro tip: Apply a generous, even layer to clean skin with fingers or a brush, avoiding the eyebrows and hairline and relax for 20 – 30 minutes. The mask changes from white to chrome as it dries. Once it’s completely dried, gently peel off–upwards–from the edges of the face and then rinse off excess with warm water.

Pro tip: use this particular mask as a pre-makeup treatment for visibly firm and toned skin.

Youthmud Glow Stimulating Treatment Mask

Reboot your glow with the mask that started a masking revolution. Once this hush-hush Tinseltown skincare secret got out, it promptly became one of Hollywood’s favourite beauty accomplices. This is the mask that started it all; created for Hollywood, it is the original go-to mud for instantly prepped skin. An intensely exfoliating clay mask treatment that instantly smoothes and polishes to revive the skin’s youthful glow and reveal baby-soft, camera-ready skin in as little as 10 minutes(!). YouthMud exfoliates with volcanic pumice rock to help smooth the appearance of fine lines, while natural clays lift impurities without disturbing the skin’s essential oils. Antioxidants from green tea leaves brighten and smooth for visibly firmer, more glowing, youthful-looking skin instantly.

Pro tip: Apply a thin, even layer to clean, dry skin and leave on for up to ten minutes. This mask will tingle slightly, which means it’s working. Remove with water in circular motions to exfoliate and use twice a week or as desired, followed by a moisturizer.

Explore more products from GLAMGLOW. Let us know in the comments your favourite treatment mask!

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