Ovulation Testing Made Easy with Geratherm

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Ovulation Testing Made Easy with Geratherm

If you’re currently trying to conceive or you’re thinking about adding to your family, investing in an ovulation predictor kit is a key component of your planning, along tracking your cycle and monitoring your basal body temperature.


Traditionally, most ovulation predictor kits are urine-based, and they work similarly to an at-home pregnancy test but they can be messy, inconvenient and not ideal for many women.

The good news is, traditional urine based kits aren’t the only option anymore.

New ferning ovulation predictor kits use saliva instead of urine for an easy, mess-free, and discreet way to figure out your most fertile days. It’s called “ferning” and it reveals when you are showing signs of fertility and just about to ovulate due to hormone levels in your body causing your saliva to create a distinct crystal pattern that looks like little ferns when dried.


Want to try out one of these new kits for yourself? Our top pick is the Geratherm Ovu Control Reusable Ovulation Predictor. New to Well.ca and to Canada, Geratherm makes high-quality, budget-friendly products that help make the family planning process easier and better.


The Ovu Control Reusable Ovulation Predictor kit comes with a mini microscope that you dab a tiny bit of saliva on to, and delivers accurate, precise results immediately with no mess. Best of all, it’s reusable, which makes it a much more economical alternative to traditional kits – one kit gives you unlimited tests, and the cost works out to be about the same as 2 months worth of urine-based kits!

Check out the full line of Geratherm family planning products available at Well.ca here.

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