Four of Our At-Home Workout Essentials

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Four of Our At-Home Workout Essentials

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Working out at home might not feel the same as working out at the gym, but with a few simple pieces of equipment you can get yourself into a fun and consistent routine.

The best part about working out at home is that you don’t have to leave! The idea might not seem so inspiring, but it can work to your advantage. One of the misconceptions of working out at home is that you need a lot of space to get an effective workout. The sweet part is you only need enough space to fit a yoga mat. If you can squeeze a yoga mat somewhere in your space, you’re all set!

If you want to add a little spice to your workout, you have options! Workout equipment, although not totally necessary can add extra sweat and an extra challenge. They’re versatile, easy to store and super helpful.


The first piece of equipment I always recommend is a set of resistance bands. They’re a great step up any bodyweight workout. Resistance bands do exactly as they sound – they add extra resistance to any exercise! Resistance bands are portable and versatile. You can use them for your lower body, upper body, and even your core! They’re affordable and take up little to no space. Check out some of our favourite resistance bands here.

Booty or Hip Band

The booty or hip band is your lower body’s best friend. Squats, hip thrusts, lunges, pulses, you name it, the booty band does it all. The one beneficial part of the booty band is that it allows you to work muscle fibres that you don’t normally activate with only dumbbells. That means, you get a lot more muscles getting stronger. Unlike the resistance bands, you only need one good hip band.


A classic go-to is a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells. Dumbbells and kettlebells will both give you the same result: strength. The difference is purely preference and based on your style of training.

Both dumbbells and kettlebells are good if you’re looking to get stronger or maintain your current strength. Like how the body needs stress in order to grow, your muscles need stress in order to grow and get stronger. Dumbbells and kettlebells are one way to stress both your muscles and bones, an essential part of getting strong. A good way to select a pair of dumbbells that’s right for you is to perform eight challenging reps of bicep curls. If you can just barely do 8 reps, you’ve chosen the right weight! As you get stronger and when the dumbbells start to get lighter, you can add more reps and sets to your workouts.


Stressing your muscles is important, but so is rest and relaxation. A foam roller and lacrosse ball is a great option for helping you recover. Place the roller on a sore muscle, add some pressure, and slowly but surely you’ll feel the tension in your body dissipate. It’s the best feeling. Next thing you know, you’re ready and excited for tomorrow’s workout.

Give those tips a try! If you’re enjoying your new workout equipment and want to get extra creative, head to Services to book a free 15 min session to spice up your workouts!

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