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You’ve heard about the “Keto Diet,” but have you wondered what it really means?

The Keto Diet is a very low-carbohydrate and high-fat way of eating that is gaining popularity. Did you know that the ketogenic diet was commonly prescribed for people with diabetes before insulin became available in 1921? Although the Keto diet has been around for a long time, there is new science behind this latest diet trend. Let’s take a look and translate the evidence to information you can use.

Keto Basics

Our bodies’ preferred fuel for energy is carbohydrates (also called carbs). When carbs are scarce in the diet, our bodies switch to an alternative fuel source. When net carbohydrates (carbohydrate minus fibre minus sugar alcohol) is reduced to 20g or less per day, it forces the body to burn fat for fuel which is known as ‘being in ketosis’ which forms the central basis for the keto diet. Using fat as the body’s alternative energy source produces compounds called ketones which have been shown to boost energy, sharpen mental focus and burn fat. This diet is composed of 5-10% energy from carbohydrates, fat 70% to 80%, and a moderate level of protein 20-25%. 

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Nutritional Planning & Monitoring

It takes between one and ten days to get into ketosis if you stick to the ketogenic diet. The timing varies based on prior nutrition, the body’s metabolism, and other factors such as supplements and fasting. Dietitians find it can take about a month to get into the routine of a true ketogenic diet. 

To maintain a real keto diet and keep the body in ketosis, a person’s eating plan needs to be well thought out. Remember, it’s all about limiting carbohydrates and increasing fat without overeating protein. That’s where having keto certified snacks like GOOD TO GO soft baked bars on hand to curb those cravings and avoid temptation is super helpful!  GOOD TO GO bars have a great cake-like texture to satisfy that carb craving but provides 13g of plant-based fat, moderate protein (6g), just 4g of net carb (17g total carbs – 8g fibre – 5g erythritol), and no added sugar. These macros make it a great snack for any member of the family whether you are on the keto train or not. For those who prefer savoury snacks, nuts are a great snack to keep you full till your next meal, just remember to keep an eye on how much you’re having. GOOD TO GO recently launched Savoury Nut & Seed Bites made with super seeds which are great for on the go. Pop in 4 -6 bites and you’re all set for another few hours.

Many people do a ‘modified keto’ diet different from the true ketogenic diet described above but in general, it’s an effort to eat fewer carbs and less added sugars.

Bottom Line

The keto diet foundation consists of a very low carbohydrate intake with high fat and moderate protein intake compared to the way most people eat. A well-formulated ketogenic diet forces the body to shift from burning carbohydrates for energy to using fat instead. Modern science is emerging on the extreme restriction of carbohydrates in the keto diet, and for people following a true ketogenic diet, a health care professional’s guidance is recommended. Dietary guidance for the general population includes reducing added sugars and including whole grains and pulses.

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