Five New Games to Refresh Your Family Game Night

WellnessFive New Games to Refresh Your Family Game Night

Five New Games to Refresh Your Family Game Night

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Do you love family game night, but find you’re playing the same games week after week? Do you want to introduce your family to new games, but don’t know where to start? Look no further! We’ve rounded up five new games to refresh your collection and bring excitement back to family game night!

Baa Baa Bubbles

Perfect for: Younger kids who love anticipation games like Tomy Pop Up Pirate.

Suggested Age: 4 and up

Kids feed treats to Bubbles the Sneezy Sheep, but if she’s allergic she’ll sneeze and shoot bubbles everywhere! This game is fun for young children who may not yet be ready to play board games. This game is also simple enough that kids can play on their own.

Bellz Refresh

Perfect for: Taking on-the-go for road trips and visiting family.

Suggest Age: 6 and up

Bellz is easy to play but notoriously hard to master. Players use a magnetic wand to collect as many same-coloured bells as they can, but don’t pick up the wrong colour! This compact game is easy to pack up and take on the go to keep kids entertained without screen time.

Pictionary Air

Perfect for: Tech-savvy families who love traditional Pictionary!

Suggested Age: 8 and up

This new twist on Pictionary utilizes a smart phone app to bring drawings to real life! By using the special Pictionary Pen, the drawing is projected onto your TV and smartphone screen in the air! You can even record your performance and replay it or share with family and friends.

This That & Everything: Popular Culture

Perfect for: Families with older kids and who love guessing games like Catch Phrase.

Suggested Age: 12 and up

This fast-paced game has players describing famous people, places, and things to get their teammates to guess before the timer runs out! This game can be played at family game night or big gatherings, the more the merrier.


Perfect for: Families that love cooperative games.

Suggested Age: 10 and up

Whozit has players working together to decide who among a lineup of 6 suspects is the culprit. Based only off two clues, players must discuss and decide who to eliminate, one suspect at a time, until they have figured out Whozit!

Did we miss a good game? What are your favourite family games?

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