Fitness Trends of 2017

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Fitness Trends of 2017

With the fitness phenomenon continuing to gain momentum, there’s no shortage of studios or workouts geared to making exercise a sweaty, but fun experience. Here are our predictions for exercises that are sure to soar in popularity in 2017:


Boxing for fitness combines strength, endurance and cardio into real world boxing techniques. You’re on the balls of your feet, moving, shuffling and avoiding jabs. All that multi-tasking, movement and sweat is not only a great workout for your body, but also your mind.

Spinning to a beat:

Consider this the modern version of spinning – a full body workout party on a bike. There’s something fun about moving together with the class while spinning to the beat of a playlist. As the instructor tells you to hit those ‘sexy corners,’ the entire class synchs up to an incredible 50-minute playlist. So if you’re a fan of loud music and spinning out of your comfort zone, new age spin is for you!

Pilates + Rowing:


Pilates and rowing in one may seem outrageous, but the combination of core strength and cardio from water rowing is an excellent full body workout. Plus,  it’s enjoyable to go from one workout to the next in one class, ensuring you get a mix of high intensity and core strength.

The Megaformer:


Otherwise known as jacked-up Pilates, the megaformer is like the incredible hulk to the traditional Pilates reformer. With strength resistance bands and levers built it, the megaformer is one of those workouts that leaves no muscle behind!

Competitive heartbeat:


If the surge in popularity of places like OrangeTheory Fitness  is any indication, then heart rate monitoring is a big deal in the fitness world. More gyms and boutiques are strapping you to a heart rate monitor and ensuring you stay within a particular heart  ‘zone’ to maximize a spike in your metabolism. Instructors take you to that zone through intense cardio on treadmills and rowers and a mix of weights and TRX suspension bands.

Foam Rolling:


After you’ve done all that heavy lifting and heart rate monitoring, your’e going to want to stretch your achy  muscles. Foam rolling is a practical and intense way to get deep into the muscle, massage it out and give yourself a bit of self-love.


  • Will

    I guess boxing has been a staple as a fitness routine/workout so it’s not a trend. It won’t matter what the trend is, as long as your get the right amount of exercise and eat nutritious food, while avoiding unhealthy one’s.

  • Jane

    Nice predictions for new fitness trends this year. I like boxing since it’s a total body work out and I get to train cardio.

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