First Aid Checklist for Baby

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First Aid Checklist for Baby

There’s so much to think about with a new baby, and keeping them safe and healthy is one of the big ones! So we’ve put together this quick checklist for you so that you can be ready to keep baby safe. Here’s everything you’ll need before baby arrives:


  • Medicine Dropper: When your new baby comes home and has their first run-in with sickness, it can be nerve-racking! Especially when they’ve been prescribed a specific amount of medicine. Using a dropper makes sure that they’ll get back to health quickly.
  • Thermometer: A thermometer is a must have for any new parent, but this one from Summer Infant is so convenient! It soothes baby while you monitor their temperature. And it has a light that glows to alert you to a fever without waking your baby!
  • Pulse Taker: This is another great first aid gadget that can quickly take baby’s pulse from forehead or ear. It also features a fever alert sound so that you can be sure everything’s A-OK.
  • Nasal Aspirator: Your baby needs to be able to breathe easily! So a nasal aspirator is essential for keeping those tiny nasal passages clear. The round nozzle tip of this Kidsme aspirator is comfortable for your child.
  • Ear Protection: If your child needs extra comfort to protect their ears in noisy environments, you’ll want to look into Banz ear muffs. Some models can be used by children as early as three months old!
  • First Aid Kit: For any sort of medical emergency, Lassig has this convenient kit that includes bandages, ointments and drops. If your house is without a first aid kit before new baby arrives, you’ll definitely want to add this to your list!

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