6 Simple Ideas for Family Fun this Fall

FamilyFun & Play6 Simple Ideas for Family Fun this Fall

6 Simple Ideas for Family Fun this Fall

family outing in the fall

It’s finally fall—the perfect time to load up the kiddies and head out for some unforgettable family adventures, near and far. The allure is undeniable: from the beauty of the changing leaves to the smell of apple cider, to the tantalizing tingle of Halloween tricks and treats looming in the near future. Also, the parks, streets and attractions are less crowded than in the summer and the weather is more temperate, meaning the family can enjoy their time out and about even more.

We know that planning outings with the wee ones in the fall can be tricky, but we’ve got your back. Here are 6 fun activities to do throughout the autumn months that will appeal to little and big alike!

#1 Take in the Fall Leaves

Indulge in something truly breathtaking that happens every year…right in your own neighbourhood. Take the kidlets on a walk and show them how the leaves are changing colours. Point out how they change at different times and rates and how some trees don’t change at all (or end up losing their leaves). Don’t forget to snap a few gorgeous pics of fiery leaves (with fiery kidlets!). Between the walking, the talking, the fun, and the fresh air, everyone will sleep well that night—even you.

#2 Hit Up a Fall Festival

You can easily find lots of fall events, fairs and festivals dedicated to food, crafts, music, art—or whatever else interests your family—all over the country. Just Google “fall festivals in Canada” (or your own city or town) to find a list to choose from. Spend the afternoon, the day, or the entire weekend at a fair, enjoying people watching, activities and, of course, food. Be sure to bring home mementoes to remember the excursion (photos count!).

#3 Picnic in the Park or By the Water

On one of those beautifully warm evenings this fall, pack up a cooler full of sandwiches, granola bars, delicious dips, and veggie sticks and pick the littles up from school or daycare to head out for a picnic dinner. Drive to the waterside or walk to a nearby park where kids can feed the birds (and themselves!), chase each other around, and maybe even dip their toes in the water or roll around on the grass. A fresh air and fun-filled evening equals a quiet snore-filled trip home.

#4 Take the Whole Clan on a Hike

hiking with the family

With the more temprate weather, the family can enjoy their time out and about even more

Whether it’s a walk around your neighbourhood or a hike through some rough terrain, the whole family can thoroughly enjoy a hike—long or short. There are some great ways to keep everyone busy, interested and on track too, like a scavenger hunt (get them to find leaves of specific colours and spot certain animals and birds); playing “I spy” (“I spy something with red berries, I spy something with feathers”); or even geocaching (check out the page on the Canadian Federation for Wildlife’s website for info).

#5 Head to a Pumpkin Patch, an Apple Farm or Get Lost (and found!) in a Corn Maze

Pumpkins and apples really are the hallmarks of fall. You can pick up your own at the grocery store…or you can take the whole family to a pumpkin patch or apple farm and make a day of it. Many also have corn mazes, hay rides and other great things to do that are perfect in the fall (think: cider tasting, jack-o-lantern contests, pumpkin pie sales and barnyard animals to feed and admire).

#6 Go Trick or Treating

What’s more fun than heading out on a night full of ghouls and goblins with your own wee ghoulies for fun, frivolity… and—of course—candy? Whether your kids are the adorable type in princess gowns and furry character costumes or they’re the quintessential (and still very adorable) zombies, skeletons and vampires of the night, get out there with them and enjoy the hoots, hollers, hilarity and hoopla of Halloween (and of course the sweet treats…Halloween will always and forever be about the sweet treats).

Of course, all of these treks and fun events can be enjoyed by all ages and all members of your family. If you’re wondering how to include your wee-est of littles, we’ve still got your back (quite literally). With the phil & teds Escape Carrier, they can actually get a bird’s eye view of everything from their perfect perch. With ergo-tech fit for peak performance & easy-adjust comfort, escaping to the neighbourhood and beyond with the whole family has never been easier or more comfortable.

Enjoying fall activities with the entire clan will become super simple with the phil & teds Escape Carrier and you won’t miss a step (or a gorgeously coloured leaf!). Everyone will have fun and we guarantee the whole family will sleep like logs after fresh air, cool breezes and lots of fun activity.

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