Essential Oil DIY Face Toner for Every Skin Type

WellnessAromatherapyEssential Oil DIY Face Toner for Every Skin Type

Toner is often written off as an unnecessary skincare step, but the right toner for your skin can actually make a world of a difference. Far from the harsh and stripping toners of days past, today’s toners gently work to restore the skin’s pH to a healthy level, boosting moisture retention and strengthening and improving the skin’s natural barrier function. They’re also a great way to inject beneficial nutrients and vitamins into your skincare routine!

This easy recipe builds off a mild witch hazel and glycerin base, suitable for virtually any skin type, and includes four different variations to target particular skin needs and concerns. To keep the ingredients extra clean, I’ve forgone any emulsifiers, so the essential oils WILL rise to the top and separate from the other ingredients. Shake the toner before each use to re-blend everything together.

You’ll Need:

Dry + Aging Skin

Combo + Oily Skin

Acne-Prone Skin

Sensitive + Reactive Skin


Combine all ingredients in a glass spray bottle and shake well to combine.

To use: Shake lightly and spray directly onto the face. Use after cleansing and, as needed, throughout the day too!

Have you ever tried DIY skincare before? What’s your holy grail recipe? Let us know in the comments!



    Thanks for Sharing this, love how you have alternatives for all the different skin types 🙂

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