Embrace the Modern ‘Lying-In’

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Lying-in, the period of time for a mama to heal and bond with her newborn, has become an antiquated notion. It’s a practice that predates current goals such as “bouncing back” and “pre-pregnancy weight.” But this healing practice acknowledges the realities of a modern mama’s healing body and the expectations of a brand new baby!

Bringing baby home means more than just an adorable onesie and a perfectly accessorized nursery. It means taking care of the mama that made the miracle, and healing her body and soul while she gets to know every crease, dimple, and the sweet scent of her brand new baby. The bonding that occurs in those early minutes, hours, and days and postpartum healing and resting – even if you have other children – are so important!

For your lying-in with new baby, stay in bed. Have everything within reach, and don’t bother with pants. If you have pants on you’re more likely to get up and clear the table or do a dish or two when you should be healing and getting to know new baby.

Prepare your lying-in like you’ve prepared for baby and be sure to have someone who will support you, attend to you and bring you what you need. Lying-in is a shift in thinking for a more just, peaceful, and practical period of adjustment once a woman has done the amazing work of bringing another human being into the world.

Postpartum is no small adjustment. Directly after birth a woman’s hormones go from 60-0 in no time. She needs time, space, and the luxury of her ups and downs. Resting, bonding, and healing are all part of adjusting to that dramatic shift in your hormones. Stay in bed, nourish yourself and ask for what you need.

Of course it’s important to make sure the crib matches the glider, if that’s what you want, but the mama part of your Fourth Trimester requires focused preparation too. You’re not a “lay about” if you choose a lying-in, you are doing your job and getting what you need for glorious, peaceful bonding, and you’re being a mama.

Over the moon thinking about life with your new baby? While you’re planning your lying-in, here are some essentials to help you have a comforting and calm recuperation so you can establish a bond with your baby while you heal your body!

Earth Mama’s safe, toxin-free postpartum healing products can help heal and soothe, so you just be with your baby. These are must-haves for episiotomy, wound healing, bruising, soreness and hemorrhoids.

  • New Mama Bottom Spray – A spritz of relief especially welcome for those first bathroom trips, also for quick cooling.
  • Mama Bottom Balm – Lasting relief for healing comfort.
  • Organic Milkmaid Tea – Blended with traditional herbal galactagogues like organic Fennel seed and mineral packed herbs, helps keep breast milk flowing from happy mama to hungry baby.

How will you prepare for your ‘lying-in’? Let us know in the comments!

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