5 Family Friendly Easter Ideas

FamilyFun & Play5 Family Friendly Easter Ideas

5 Family Friendly Easter Ideas

Make it their best Easter ever with these fun activities the whole family can participate in!

1. Make Easter Baskets for Every Member of the Family

Classics like Cadbury Mini Eggs, lollipops,  jellybeanschocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies are always welcome additions to every basket, but don’t forget to include some fun toys activities as well. Snuggly toys and books are great for babies who are too little for candies. For adults, look for treats like gourmet chocolate and twists on Easter classics like this dark chocolate bunny that’s made for a more grown up palate.

2. Dye Easter Eggs Together

All you need is an easy tutorial and some dyeing supplies and you’re well on your way! We love using food colouring instead of a pre-made kit because it’s a fun way to let kids customize their own colours. If you prefer to keep things natural, you can even dye your eggs using foods like cabbage, onions, and coffee.

3.  Have an Easter Egg Hunt

If you have a yard and you’re lucky enough to have warm spring weather for Easter, you can even set this up outside! If not, an Easter egg hunt can be just as fun indoors. Just grab a bag of plastic eggs at your local dollar store, fill them with your favourite Easter treats, and hide them around the house for the kids to collect.

4. Bake Together

What better way to celebrate than to spend some time together whipping up some sweet treats in the kitchen? This Easter Sugar Cookie recipe is perfect for kids, who will love helping with tasks like mixing the batter, cutting out fun shapes, and decorating the finished cookies.

5. Get Crafty

Keep little hands busy with kid-friendly Easter crafts! These DIY projects are a great way to help kids get excited for Easter, and they’re also great to keep kids occupied during March Break.

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