Everything You Need to Know About Drinkable Beauty Elixirs

BeautyEverything You Need to Know About Drinkable Beauty Elixirs

Everything You Need to Know About Drinkable Beauty Elixirs

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Beauty elixirs are one of the latest wellness trends! You might have already seen “golden mylk” lattes, collagen coffee, or mushroom hot chocolate, but what’s the hype? Will drinking a beauty elixir transform your skin?

Do Beauty Elixirs Work?

Like many things, there is no simple yes or no answer.

These elixirs can improve your skin, but it might take some time to see the results. If we’re being realistic, you won’t see a major change for at least a few weeks, if not months. That’s because these formulas work to improve gut health, boost vitamin and micro nutrients intake, support adrenal health, balance blood sugar, and more – so these things take time!

Are Beauty Elixirs For You?

I find having these superfood drinks on hand can really help when life gets hectic. My diet isn’t always the best and I reach for coffee more often than I probably should. Over time I’ve noticed these habits, combined with increased stress and lack of sleep, take a toll on my skin.

To help, I’ve started taking collagen and superfood powders on a daily basis as a way to ensure I’m getting my intake of anti-inflammatory greens, vitamins, and nutrients! As for my coffee habit, since I’m not a big tea drinker, I like to have other delicious beverages on hand (like mushroom hot chocolate!) in place of coffee as a way to not only reduce my caffeine intake but also support my adrenal health and calm my nervous system.

Three Ways Beauty Elixirs Can Boost Your Skin!

A Beauty Elixir Can Improve Your Gut Health

There is increasingly more evidence coming out showing a connection between the gut and skin!

Studies show that individuals with inflammatory conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema have a greater tendency to have poor digestive health with increased inflammation, bacterial, and yeast growth. This means that beauty elixirs containing prebiotics and probiotics can be extremely beneficial for increasing “friendly bacteria” which play a part in preventing breakouts and flare-ups.

Drinking blends like Aura Radiance which contain both live and spore-forming probiotics, as well as a superfood antioxidant blend can promote healthy gut flora and contribute to more resilient skin!

A Beauty Elixir Can Increase Collagen Production

Many are skeptical whether ingesting collagen actually helps produce more of it within the body. Collagen is needed for wound healing and to keep your skin plump and firm. Since collagen is a protein it gets broken down in your digestive system and there’s question as to how much actually reaches the skin.

On the one hand you might be better off using topical products that will actually help stimulate the production of collagen such as vitamin C and retinol. But there are some studies demonstrating that collagen fragments from the digestive system can be absorbed into the bloodstream and reach the skin, which in turn helps to increase skin elasticity, hydration, and collagen density. More studies need to be conducted to substantiate these claims, but initial results look promising!

If you’re looking to take a collagen supplement to specifically help the condition of your skin, hair and nails, your best bet is to take a supplement like Sproos Up Your Skin & Hair which combines collagen with known skin strengthening ingredients like biotin, vitamin C, silica, and hyaluronic acid.

A Beauty Elixir Can Help You Consume Less Caffeine and Sugar

Consuming fewer sugary and caffeinated beverages can prevent stress on the skin, which leads to premature aging and inflammatory conditions. While there is competing evidence to show caffeine’s direct correlation with skin conditions, consuming caffeinated beverages while in stressful situations can significantly increase cortisol levels, leading to increased inflammation and oil production. Sugar’s effect on skin is more direct where glucose attaches to collagen in a process called glycation and contributes to its breakdown, leading to wrinkling and sagging skin.

Rather than going for a sugary latte, keep ready-to-make elixir blends on hand that combine calming adaptogens like the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha Latte Mix, with zero sugar and gut-supporting Maitake mushrooms, or Botanica Turmeric Golden Mylk with anti-inflammatory turmeric and stress-supporting ashwaganda root!

Incorporating some of these popular beauty elixirs into your diet is a fun way to experiment with new ingredients and flavours. Don’t be fooled into thinking they will transform the health of your hair and skin over night, but they can be added into your routine as a great way to boost your diet with potent superfoods, adaptogens, and probiotics that will have a lasting effect on your skin

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