WellBeing by Well.ca | DIY Natural Lotions for Outdoor Skin Protection All Summer Long
Three simple DIY natural lotions for outdoor skin needs, made from natural ingredients, that will cover your kids (and you!) from head to toe all summer long.
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DIY Natural Lotions for Outdoor Skin Protection All Summer Long

Happy young family spending time together outside in green nature

The upcoming long weekends have us trembling in our flip flops. Between sunburn and bug bites, our wee ones will be one big lump of soreness by the end of the summer. We can’t just keep them inside (because they will drive us crazy if we do), so we have to come up with some sort of solution.

A solution! That’s it! A natural solution made from natural ingredients so we don’t have to worry that they’ll react to it and we also know they’ll be covered from head to toe. A simple DIY, natural lotion for all our (and our kids) summer skin needs. No bug bites. No sunburn. Just pure fun in the sun for our wee ones this summer (which means pure fun in the sun for us too!).

Our friends from Aura Cacia have kindly supplied us with three DIY “recipes” for natural solutions to outdoor problems. We don’t advise making your own sunscreen at home, however, as it’s very difficult to create an effective one. Instead, why not try one of our awesome natural sunscreens?

Lavender & Geranium Protecting Body Oil

Besides discouraging insects, this body oil is nourishing and soothing. Appropriate for all skin types.



Combine essential oils with grapeseed oil and smooth over exposed skin.

Cooling & Soothing Summertime Skin Mist

Summer sun and wind combine to stress the skin. This simple essential oil and water-based mist will cool, hydrate and soothe.



Pour into a spray mister bottle. Essential oils and water will separate, so shake the bottle vigorously before misting lightly over skin.

Protecting Outdoor Lotion

Create your own all-natural, synthetic-free lotion. The result smells divine and leaves a protective, skin-nourishing shield on your skin.



Add beeswax to oil in a Pyrex cup or bowl. Place in a hot water bath. Heat until melted. Place the water in a blender. Allow the oil/wax mixture to cool. When the temperatures of the oil and water are comparable, turn on the blender and add the oil in a thin stream. Blend until a cream develops. Blend in the essential oils and store in a jar in the refrigerator.

Do you have a recipe for a DIY skin care solution? What is it?


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