DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner with Orange and Cinnamon

WellnessAromatherapyDIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner with Orange and Cinnamon

Want to green your cleaning routine? This DIY natural all purpose cleanser is completely safe for the environment and natural, and it smells great as well!

You’ll Need:

What To Do:

Collect orange peels as you eat three oranges over a week, and keep them in a Ziploc bag. Once you’ve collected all three peels, place them in the bottom of a large mason jar. Place two cinnamon sticks into the jar and then fill the rest of the jar with your chosen vinegar. Seal it up!

Keep the mixture in the jar for 10 to 30 days. Remember to shake it as much as possible up to once a day. Then strain out cinnamon sticks and orange peels as you pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You can use it at full strength or dilute it with one part water to one part vinegar cleanser.

Now you have a versatile all-purpose cleaner for kitchen and bathroom! Use it on its own on counter tops and other surfaces. For tea, coffee, and other stains in the kitchen sink, sprinkle pure baking soda and spray with the vinegar cleanser, then scrub gently with cloth or sponge. Use a similar method for stove tops, ovens interiors, bathroom sinks and toilets (using a toilet brush instead of a cloth).


  • Diane Trollope

    Can you use grapefruit peels? Apparently grapefruit repels bed bugs for some reason.
    I was thinking that that fragrance would be helpful for some people for that reason.

    Grapefruit cannot be, or should not, be eaten by those taking blood pressure medication, so I’d have to ask someone to give their grapefruit peels to make this solution.

    Do you think that would work?

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