DIY Hand Sanitizer

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There’s no denying it: back to school is a germy time of year. Regular hand-washing is undoubtedly your best line of defense, but this easy-to-make hand sanitizer is wonderful for keeping germs and cold bugs away when you’re on the go.

Just like ready-made sanitizers, this DIY version relies on alcohol to kill bacteria and germs, but because it’s tempered with the natural moisturizer and humectant vegetable glycerin, the formula won’t dry out your hands. These sanitizers are naturally scented with essential oils — I’ve got five great combinations for you to try out, or get creative and invent your own blend!

You’ll Need:

To Use: Shake well and spray onto hands. Rub hands together until dry.

Combo #1: Bright + Citrusy

Combo #2: Sweet + Floral

Combo #3: Earthy + Grounding

Combo #4: Fresh + Zesty

Combo #5: Minty + Herbal

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