Staff Diaries: Our Dads Taught Us Lots

WellnessStaff Diaries: Our Dads Taught Us Lots

Staff Diaries: Our Dads Taught Us Lots

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Dads hold a special place in our hearts. They taught us to ride our bikes, how to bait a hook and how to drive…how could they not? But, just in case we have forgotten to mention it lately (or haven’t had the opportunity to), we thought we’d proclaim it here, to the world.

We asked around about what the staffers’ dads taught them about life…read on for what they had to say. What did your father teach you…?

“My dad is one of the greatest guys around, he has always taught me to work hard and to never sweat the small stuff. He literally would do anything for his four kids and we are blessed to have him as our dad.” – Vanessa, Category Manager

“Growing up I was lucky enough to have a Dad who stressed the importance of physical fitness, competition and happiness, all in one sport – basketball. My Dad was my coach when I was younger which often lead to early morning weight training, Sunday morning shooting practice and evening hill sprints. This is how my Dad and I spent time together and I loved every minute of it. He helped show me that living an active and healthy lifestyle brought happiness to all aspects of life. Because of him I am the competitive and hard working individual that I am today.” – Nicole, Marketing Specialist

“I really value my Dad’s wisdom. He has taught me that a happy life is not about the material things which we acquire but rather the people we spend time with and the memories we make. He’s also helped me to understand that it’s not a constructive practice to measure my life against anyone else’s and that no matter how difficult life can seem sometimes, nothing lasts forever and things will get better in time.” – Lesley, Senior Customer Experience Specialist

“My dad taught me from a very early age that hard work brings great self confidence and satisfaction in knowing you gave 110%. His example lead me to getting my first job at 13 years old, and I’ve been part of the working world ever since. Through my dad’s encouragement & joining the workforce at such a young age, I learned a lot about myself and working with others. It has shaped who I am, what I bring to the table & why I get so much satisfaction from my job here at” – Nicole, Director of Customer Care

“I lost my dad in 2007 and, honestly, it’s still hard.  For that reason, Father’s Day is especially important to me as it allows me to reflect upon all the amazing things my dad shared with me, all the incredible things he taught me.  One of the lessons he taught me about wellness and happiness was to be especially supportive of those trying to help themselves.  What I gathered from that, personally, is to not only offer that kind of giving and helping others, but also to recognize that effort and motivation comes from within.  It’s the idea that if you want to improve something in your life, you really need to look inwards first.  I always felt supported by him. He taught me to be giving and always willing to help others, especially those who needed it, to not rely on it, but be willing to put forward the effort in pursuit of your own goals.” – Kevin, Merchandising Coordinator

“My dad has taught me the importance of enjoying the outdoors and staying active.  I have been lucky enough to try so many activities because of him from fishing to snowboarding, and have gotten to experience the beauty of Ontario in so many ways because of it.  He values a healthy lifestyle, and that has become something that is now built into how I live my life!” – Christina, Marketing Intern

“My dad taught me how to bait a hook with a live worm, how to change a flat tire in the rain and how to write semi-dirty limericks. He taught me that laughing is better than crying and writing is stronger than talking. My dad is quiet and extremely intelligent, and he taught me that quiet, intellectual people are well-respected and sought after. I am in the unique position now with an 8 year old son that I get to see my dad teach him. While the teachings have changed (he teaches him how to draw on the computer, about baseball stats and how to eat popcorn and share it with the dog without my mom seeing), the sentiment behind them is the same. My dad is amazing and I’m lucky to be his daughter.” – Jennifer, Digital Content Editor

“When I found out my dad had a progressive lung condition, I panicked wondered how we were going to fix it.  His answer to me was “Stephanie, I haven’t missed much”, meaning, he’s had a full life and he is satisfied, so I should stop fretting (as this man does whatever he wants). And his advice on new opportunities and situations, “I was never afraid of a challenge.” And therefore I shouldn’t be either.” He has taught me a lot.” – Stephanie, Marketing Manager

“My dad taught me that love is to give. I have 3 siblings, two of them adopted. I didn’t really notice it until I was in my thirties. I remember I asked my dad a couple of times why my sister and brother looked different from me, but he smiled and didn’t say anything. He loves them as much as he loves me and over the years I never had any doubt they are my brother and sister. Once, my dad was away on a business trip and when he heard that my sister was sick, he walked overnight to get back home, so he could be with her (old days in China, he didn’t have four wheels). My dad never said to us he loves us (kind of the norm in our culture), but by action he speaks loudly what love means. He is now a happy great grandfather, four generations under one roof, the best you can expect out of a life.” Xiudong, Controller

“My dad is my rock, any time I feel there is a crisis (which never really is a crisis but I tend to be dramatic) I go to him and he says “There is nothing that cannot be solved” He then talks the problem out with me and all is usually well in my world. That or he gets me ice cream. I love that man!” – Amena, Category Manager

There you have it. Some of our thoughts on our dads. What did your dad teach you about life? Or are you a dad who is teaching his kids about something important? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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