What Cold & Flu Treatments are Safe for Babies & Kids (& Pregnant Mamas)?

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What Cold & Flu Treatments are Safe for Babies & Kids (& Pregnant Mamas)?

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It’s (almost) that time of the year again: cold & flu season. Before the weather starts to change & these viruses begin to spread, it’s always a good idea to keep your natural medicine cabinet stocked. More importantly, with little ones in the household or a baby-on-the-way, having safe, effective treatments on hand can be a real life-saver! Let’s discuss the most useful remedies to boost the immune system and help reduce the annoying symptoms of a cold or flu.


This naturally sweet fruit is packed with antioxidants and anti-viral properties that can really help stop a cold or flu in its tracks. Since it tastes great, a scoop of a crystalized powder version can be easily mixed in water for school-aged children (and their parents, too).

Vitamin C

Any immune boosting talk is not complete without mentioning vitamin C. This water-soluble nutrient helps to lessen the duration of cold or flu symptoms when taken regularly, at the first signs of illness. Since it is safe for pregnant women and toddlers (over the age of 2), I recommend adding this daily as early as September for even greater benefit (flu season doesn’t officially peak until November) – and when symptoms of a sore throat, body aches and fever come on suddenly, taking a dose twice daily is often a good idea!


This purple flower has been touted for ages as the ultimate immune booster– especially effective for the flu. Always choose a high-potency formula that has been harvested at peak freshness for maximum effect. Excellent for pregnant & breastfeeding women, as well as children as young as two.

Homeopathic remedies

This form of medicine is an extremely dilute concentration of an active ingredient that is intended to gently nudge your body back in the direction of health. It’s especially useful for infants, those on prescription medication, or in addition to any other treatment protocol.

Having an age-appropriate flu formula on hand is a must-do for your natural medicine cabinet. Whether it’s for newborns (when it comes to this particular product, up to age 9 can use the same remedy) or adults, there is something for everyone.

At-home care

Cold & flu recovery start at home. Make sure the family is thoroughly washing their hands regularly and getting adequate rest when sick (as much as 4-6 additional hours per day may be necessary). Also, consider refraining from added sugars and dairy products that may hamper immune function and worsen symptoms of congestion.

What’s your family’s go-to remedy for the cold or flu?

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