Cloth Diapering 101 – What You’ll Need

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Cloth Diapering 101 – What You’ll Need

Cloth Diapering 101 - What You'll Need

Congratulations! Whether it’s because of the cost savings, the environmental impact, or concerns about baby’s sensitive skin (or just how cute your baby will look in them – we’re not here to judge!) you’ve decided that cloth diapers are the right choice for you and your little one. So…where do you start? Here’s a list of what you’ll need to set up your cloth diaper layette and get started on your cloth diapering journey!


First things first — no matter what cloth diapering system you choose to use, you’re going to need to stock up on diapers. How many diapers you’ll need depends on how old your baby is, and how often you plan to wash them. Newborns will go through about 12 diaper changes per day, and you’ll find that that number will decrease as they get a bit older. If you’re stocking up for a newborn and you’re planning to wash your diapers daily, start with 15 diapers. If you’re planning on washing them twice a week, 28-30 is a good amount to have.

Wet Bag and/or Diaper Pail

For the uninitiated, wet bags and diaper pails are designed for stashing soiled diapers and containing smells and messes until they can be laundered. We recommend getting either 1 large wet bag or 1 diaper pail (and liners) for home, and a couple smaller wet bags for on-the-go.


Wipes are a changing time must-have – both for cleaning little one, and their cloth diaper! You can opt for disposable wipes, or reusable cloth wipes that need to be laundered after use.


Regularly laundering your cloth diapers is, of course, an essential part of the cloth diapering process. Look for natural, chemical-free detergents that are baby-friendly and help to protect sensitive skin.

Diaper Cream

Using cloth diapers instead of disposables has been shown to cut down on diaper rashes, but they can still happen. Make sure to have your favourite diaper cream on hand (make sure it’s cloth diaper-friendly!) to keep baby’s skin healthy.

Extra Inserts/Liners

Inserts can be added to your cloth diapers to boost their absorbency. They’re especially helpful for helping keep baby’s sheets dry overnight. Liners can be added to diapers to make cleanup easier and to wick moisture away from baby’s skin, keeping them more comfortable and helping to prevent issues like diaper rash.

Do you use cloth diapers? What are your cloth diapering must-haves? Tell us in the comments!


  • Jane

    Great article! Getting into cloth is something I cannot recommend enough. It’s important to note, however, that many “natural” detergents do not have the strength required to get diapers clean. Rocking Green, while great for other items you may launder, is NOT recommended by Fluff Love University (the cloth diaper detergent bible) for cloth diapers. Keep cloth washing simple! Use a strong enough detergent.

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