What’s In Our Home Buyer’s Cleaning Cupboard?

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What’s In Our Home Buyer’s Cleaning Cupboard?


Take a look at what our Home & Lifestyle buyer keeps in her cleaning cupboard! As the Home buyer, Christine gets to test out lots of different cleaning and laundry products. Here are 6 of her favourite cleaning products, which all happen to be green and natural. These are the best of the best!

What’s In Her Cleaning Cupboard?

Best Products for Cleaning:

  • Sapadilla Rosemary + Peppermint Countertop Cleanser: This all-natural countertop spray is made right here in Canada! The Rosemary + Peppermint scent is made with 100% pure essential oil blends, and smells refreshing. It leaves your home smelling clean.
  • Ten & Co. Swedish Sponge Cloth: These Swedish sponge cloths are reusable, and they come in really fun prints and colours. They’re really absorbent, and they dry quickly. And they can even decompose if you put them in your compost, making them a great eco-friendly option!
  • E-Cloth Reusable Cloths: Christine always likes to have these reusable microfiber cloths on hand. She recommends them to everyone! They’re all purpose, so they can clean dirt, grease, dust and bacteria without needing any product. Then you can wash them and keep reusing again and again.
  • Fresh Wave Odour Removing Gel: This is a great product to keep in closets or areas that you want to keep smelling fresh. They’re easy to use, and they’re made with all natural ingredients. Which is unlike many of the other odour sprays or gels on the market.

Best Products for Laundry:

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