Christmas Gifts You Loved in 2013 – These Were Our Top Sellers!

HolidayChristmas Gifts You Loved in 2013 – These Were Our Top Sellers!

Christmas Gifts You Loved in 2013 – These Were Our Top Sellers!

2013's Top 5 Gifts on

The beginning of a new year means one thing here at, another successful Christmas season has come to an end. As you can imagine, the Christmas season is the busiest time of year in Canadian retail with Black Friday following right behind. Each year, we try to provide our customers with an excellent selection of gifts to choose from for each and every member of their family. The great thing about online shopping during this time of year is being able to avoid those crazy lines and lack of selection in the shopping malls.

We decided to share with you the top five Christmas gifts this holiday season on Were you one of the customers to purchase some of these items as a gift this past Christmas? If so, how did that special someone like them?


fisherpriceFisher Price Classic Record Player
Although your children may never hear the classic sound of music coming from a vinyl record this may have to be the next best thing. The Fisher Price Classic Record Player was a big hit this year! The classic record player comes with five discs each playing a different classic children’s melody. This toy is great for the kids to play with at home or as a take-along to friends and families houses as it comes with a carry handle and the records can be stored inside!


braunBraun Silk epil 7 Wet & Dry Epilator Legs, Body & Face
No one likes the side effects of shaving: razor burn, cuts, dry skin, the list goes on. The Braun Silk epil 7 contains 40 tweezers positioned at the optimal angle for thorough hair removal of the shortest and finest hairs. This epilator is cordless which allows you to discover which epilating technique works best for your skin whether that’s in the bath, shower or on dry skin. It also comes with five different caps to ensure effective and comfortable hair removal for all parts of the body.


baconhotchocRedneck Cafe Bacon Hot Chocolate Mix
We kid you not, the Redneck Café Bacon Hot Chocolate Mix was one of our hottest items this Christmas season! This makes a perfect gift for everyone. Those who love the combination of bacon and chocolate would be extremely thankful for this particular gift and even those who can’t even stomach the idea of this combination would at least get a laugh out of it. We dare you to give this product a shot and let us know what you think!


pottingshedPotting Shed Creations Spice Micro-Greens Windowsill Box
Who wouldn’t love a windowsill garden to grow fresh, intensely flavoured greens year-round? The Potting Shed Creations Spice Micro-Greens Windowsill Box does just that. Micro-greens are intensely flavoured (a little goes a long way), easy to grow spices ready to enjoy in 7-14 days.  The spices included in this mini-garden are: organic japanese mibuna mustard, daikon radish, shungiku chrysanthemum.


saltlampLumiere de Sel Natural Shape Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp
The Lumiere de Sel Crystal Salt Lamp is made of salt crystal that is ethically harvested from the geological range of the Himalayan Mountains, where salt deposits were formed millions of years ago. This lamp naturally produces negative ions, which help clean and purify the air. These lamps are helpful for people suffering from asthma and/or upper respiratory problems by reducing the amount of airborne bacteria and dust. These lamps are known to provide numerous benefits including: mood and concentration improvements, a soothing and calming effect, reducing asthma and upper respiratory problems, alleviating feelings of depression, reducing fatigue and assisting with natural healing processes.


Well there you have it folks, our top five sellers during Christmas 2013. If you’ve tried any of these products, we would love to hear your thoughts on them. You can submit a product review at the bottom of each product page on

Happy New Year!

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