Charcoal Tea Mask for Detoxing Your Skin and Banishing Breakouts

BeautySkin CareCharcoal Tea Mask for Detoxing Your Skin and Banishing Breakouts

Charcoal Tea Mask for Detoxing Your Skin and Banishing Breakouts

Homemade facial mask and scrub by activated charcoal powder and yogurt on white wooden background

When it comes to the ultimate clean, this face mask is the best.

It penetrates deep into the skin and is designed to detox the skin from dirt and environmental stressors, while offering a blast of intense nutrition and breakout fighting power. The two main active ingredients are activated charcoal and matcha green tea powder.

Matcha Green Tea

Activated charcoal is a hot detox item right now. What makes it so unique is its ability to attract things (like toxins to its surface, binding with them and preventing them from being further absorbed by the body. When taken orally, activated charcoal is a great remedy for treating food poisoning. When applied topically, activated charcoal will begin to attract unwanted substances on the skin and bind them to its surface. This allows us to wash them away, leaving us with a super clean face.

Long story short, this face mask is a dirt and grime MAGNET.

The matcha powder provides a powerful punch of juicy antioxidants and rejuvenating energy to the skin.

The castor oil in this DIY mask makes it very deep penetrating and will help draw the ingredients in the mask deep into the skin. It also helps to increase circulation to the skin, while reducing inflammation.

The tea tree will support the healing of current breakouts while proactively fighting off new ones. Feel free to play around with alternative essential oils like lavender, lemongrass,peppermint or chamomile to give this mask variety and a little personalization to the needs of your skin at the time.

Charcoal Tea Detox Mask



  1. To increase the benefits, place a warm washcloth over your face before applying the mask. This will help open your pores up and let all the nourishing ingredients in.
  2. Mix ingredients together and apply to freshly cleansed skin
  3. Let dry for 20 mins to 30 mins.
  4. Rinse well with warm water and a soft wash cloth or cleansing sponge.

I highly recommend doing this mask before a shower because the charcoal can be a bit messy!

Match Charcoal mask

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