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Dr. Laura Belus | Naturopathic Doctor
As a practicing naturopathic doctor, I’m often asked: “Aren’t all vitamins the same?” and “Why would I spend more when I get something similar for much less?” The question about why some nutritional supplements are more expensive than others is a complex one. Instead of asking, “why are these so expensive?” you might consider asking, “why are these so cheap?” Either way, the differences between professional quality products versus others are important when it comes to your health, so let’s explore a few factors that are particularly worth discussing.

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Chelan Wilkins | Organika National Education Trainer
Over the last few years, many stars have raged that the secret to their glowing skin, youthful appearance and lack of wrinkles is their daily ritual of consuming the traditional remedy bone broth (no, it’s not botox!). Simple to make, part of many soul-warming childhood memories, and packed with incredible nutritional benefits, what exactly makes bone broth the latest “beauty elixir” and aging antidote?

Pavithra Ravi | Pharmacist
What better time than spring to take a few hours (or even minutes) to clean out your closet? This may mean getting rid of that sweater you haven’t worn in three years or those shoes you bought for the one outfit you no longer have. But what about your medicine cabinet? That often-overlooked cupboard in your spring cleaning regime may actually be the most important one to declutter.

Dr. Laura Belus | Naturopathic Doctor
This the time of the year we’ve all been waiting for - but it shouldn’t be the time of year we drop our health routines! Eating a fresh, colourful, whole-food diet is a bit easier when we’re surrounded by local farmers’ markets & a rainbow of produce. But don’t stop there! A few key nutrients are still important during warmer months, so let’s discuss each in a bit more detail.

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Dr. Nadia Lamanna | Naturopathic Doctor and Medical Advisor & Educator at CanPrev

Long Before There Were Antidepressants, There Was Magnesium

If only there was a magic pill that could take anxiety and depression away. If you’re a sufferer, chances are you’ve tried a medicine cabinet full of supplements, medications and all kinds of self-calming techniques like meditation and mindfulness to help make it stop. Hopefully, you’ve found the right solution for you. But if not, there’s evidence that suggests magnesium can be a big help when it comes to managing your anxiety and depression symptoms. So it might be worth your while to talk to your healthcare provider about magnesium.

Sponsored by Platinum Naturals Let’s face it – staying healthy today requires an action plan. Every day, our bodies face challenges due to: Stress Processed and fatty food Pollution A combination of good nutrition, exercise, and multivitamin supplementation will replace nutrients lost by these stressors and give...

When you feel a cold or a headache coming on, it’s probably a Tylenol bottle you reach for. But tinctures might actually be a more effective treatment! So why not give them a try? Maybe you’ve heard the word “tinctures”. But you don’t know exactly what they are, how to take them, or why you might want to take them. You may have even seen and been tempted to buy the little medicinal-looking bottles with dropper caps. But they make you a bit nervous because you’re unsure what’s in them. We are here to help!