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Tess Morgan | Writer & Animal Advocate
As a society, we’ve widely recognized the negative impact that anxiety disorders have on our friends and family. However, despite extensive research and education about these disorders in humans, there’s still a learning curve when it comes to how best to address anxiety in our dogs. Fortunately, behavioural science has come a long way in recent years and we now know more than ever about the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders in pets.

Tess Morgan | Writer & Animal Advocate
Those of us who share our home with animals know all too well the impact they have on our lives. We consider them family and want to give them everything they need to be happy - but how much thought are we giving to the food they call dinner?

Here at we are extremely excited to celebrate National Pet Day! We're profiling our employees' beloved fur (and scaly) babies to get incite on the pet enriched lives that they live outside of the office and warehouse.   Parent: Lauren, Designer Name: Fleury Breed: Husky Age: 5 years About: She...