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Giving gifts is almost as fun as getting them – and baby shower gifts are no exception. Finding the perfect gift for any new mom-to-be means hunting through adorable booties, onesies, and of course – some more practical items. To help you on your hunt, we’ve rounded up the 10 best baby shower gift ideas that are sure to delight expecting parents.

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A well-balanced diet that provides all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals we need is important at any age. However, it's perhaps most critical for helping children reach their physical, mental, and intellectual potential. Unfortunately, recent statistics show that children’s nutrition in North America is severely lacking and has plenty of room for improvement.

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Do you ever wonder why you can walk past the laundry detergent aisle and still smell that “fresh tropical rain” five rows over? Just what is that persistent scent? You’ve smelled it in baby shampoo, lotions, makeup, deodorant, and even in trash bags. Fragrance is everywhere! Is that a good thing? Here are just a few reasons Earth Mama Organics doesn’t use fragrance.

A round-up of Toronto classes for new moms that want to get out and get active while having fun with their littles. We’d love to provide something similar for everyone across the country but alas, we’re most familiar with our backyard – we hope that you’ll help us (read: your fellow parents nearby) out with more Canada-wide suggestions in the comments!