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A round-up of Toronto classes for new moms that want to get out and get active while having fun with their littles. We’d love to provide something similar for everyone across the country but alas, we’re most familiar with our backyard – we hope that you’ll help us (read: your fellow parents nearby) out with more Canada-wide suggestions in the comments!

Josephine Cuthill | Ownder & Fitness Instructor at Framewrk Studio
A well-lived life is about balance. Balance can improve wellness, happiness and satisfaction.  And of course, being imbalanced can throw everything into a tailspin. The same principles apply to your fitness routine. If you’re only concentrating on either strength programs or flexibility programs, you need to introduce a workout to balance these fitness regimes.

A little while ago, we asked some our customers what their favourite exercise classes were. Now that 2018 is here and we’re all about New Year’s Resolutions, let’s take a look at the most popular picks – maybe this will inspire all of you to try something new! (We have also included some studio picks for the Toronto community – and some that are nationwide!)

Lindsay Evans & Danielle McGrath | NOURISH LIVE FLOW It’s nearly 2018 and now is the time many of us start to feel the pressure to sit down, put pen to paper and write our list of New Year's resolutions. However, instead of thinking about resolutions...

Mandy King | Holistic Nutritionist | Founder of HEAL (Healthy Eating and Living) In 2017, more and more people turned to the ketogenic diet, particularly for weight-loss purposes. While it can be effective for weight-loss, there are some watch-outs with this way of eating. Today I’m going...

Many of us, including myself, have 'drink more water' on our list of resolutions for 2017. However, if you're goal is to increase your daily hydration for health and wellness purposes, you might be surprised that water alone won't necessarily help you out. For a long...