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Tess Morgan | Writer & Animal Advocate
Those of us who share our home with animals know all too well the impact they have on our lives. We consider them family and want to give them everything they need to be happy - but how much thought are we giving to the food they call dinner?

Sugar is addictive. It tastes delicious and, when you eat it, your brain actually releases dopamine—a neurotransmitter that is part of your brain’s reward centre. If you’ve ever thought to yourself that you must just have less willpower than someone else without sugar cravings, there’s actually way more to it. In fact, relying on willpower alone to kick sugar will be a struggle. Instead, your dietary choices, how many hours and how well you sleep, along with your stress levels play much larger roles. The other remarkable thing about sugar is that as you eat less of it, you crave less of it (at least once you’ve kicked that initial few days of cravings). Today, I’m sharing 10 ways to eat less of the sweet stuff.

Brandie Hadfield | Sleep Educator & Family Sleep Coach
All of us new parents have struggled with sleep deprivation. It’s par for the course with growing our families. I remember being warned about hourly wake-ups by a friend and thinking, “Well, that just won’t happen to me. It can’t happen. I won’t LET it happen!”. HA!