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Eve Gane | Blogger | Close to Simple
Summer is officially here which means super-hot, melt your makeup off weather. Long days outside in the sun can mean smeared mascara and quickly fading foundation. But not to worry—I’m sharing some easy ways to keep your makeup looking fresh this season, plus a few steps for simplifying your routine for these crazy high temperatures.

The #PlasticFreeJuly movement is gaining momentum. Plastic—in its thousands and thousands of extremely useful everyday forms—is one of the most damaging products ever to enter our environment. And because we use plastic every day without even thinking about it and discard it multiple times over, we don’t fully realize its devastating effects. From polluting oceans and harming wildlife to filling up landfills without ever decomposing, plastic is having disastrous short- and long-term effects on our planet and our health and the future of both.