Car Seat Safety Part 1/2: Baby’s First Ride Home

FamilyCar Seat Safety Part 1/2: Baby’s First Ride Home

Car Seat Safety Part 1/2: Baby’s First Ride Home

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Be prepared for baby’s first ride home from the hospital with these car safety tips from Sarah Tilton, Britax’s very own Car Safety Advocate.

Car Seat Guidelines for Baby’s First Ride Home

  • You must use a Canadian approved car seat if you live in Canada
  • Make sure you are at the correct angle when installing your car seat (reference owners manual)
  • Car seats expire! Be sure to reference your owners manual to find out when yours does
  • Every province has their own laws when it comes to rear facing minimums, be sure to look this up ahead of time
  • Kids outgrow their seats when they reach either the maximum height OR weight of their seat

General Guidelines for Car Seat Safety

  • Never use a car seat if it is expired, been involved in a crash or you don’t know its history. For more information visit this website.
  • Visit this website for more information regarding flying with your children.
  • It is illegal to import, sell, or use child car seats and booster seats in Canada that do not have the National Safety Mark (Canadian maple leaf).
  • Where can I get help installing my car seat?

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