We’re Rounding Up 10 of Our Favourite Canadian Brands

WellnessWe’re Rounding Up 10 of Our Favourite Canadian Brands

We’re Rounding Up 10 of Our Favourite Canadian Brands

The Canadian flag flies before the Old City Hall in Toronto, Canada.

Yes some Canadians do harvest icebergs (but we also make other amazing things like vitamins and supplements as well as beauty and personal care products), so take off, eh…?

But seriously, Well.ca is extremely proud of the fact that we are Canadian and that we carry a bunch of Canadian brands (even small ones!). On Canada’s Birthday, we are celebrating some of our favourite Canadian brands below and more on our Canada Day page. Because from Maple Syrup to Moose Droppings, we’ve got some of the sweetest Canadiana around. Show your patriotism today!

Jameison natural sourcesJamieson

Since 1922, Jamieson has been dedicated to developing the finest and most innovative products to advance the health and vitality of all Canadians. They believe in only sourcing ingredients from clean and sustainable areas around the world for their vitamins and supplements. Jamieson cares — for people, for animals and for the planet.

progressive nutritional therapies



A Canadian company that cares about the health of its customers and the health of the environment, Progressive’s aim has always been to help its customers live a longer more vibrant life.


central roast nutsCentral Roast

Not just another nut company, Central Roast is a Canadian family of snack educators who believe life is too short to stress over healthy eating choices. With over 2 decades in the nut business, their goal has remained the same: bringing their customers the healthiest possible snack food.


green cricketGreen Cricket

Founder Susan Mey envisioned a company that would provide a personal care brand that could be trusted; products made with natural ingredients and packaged locally in biodegradable materials.  That vision is a reality—Green Cricket has grown from a small Toronto company to a national presence.


genuine healthGenuine Health

When your mission is to change the way Canadians are nourished, you’d better have a good understanding of what it means to be Canadian. Founded and operated in Toronto, Genuine Health is a proud Canadian company that brings a touch of green to the Great White North.


Skin Essence OrganicsSkin Essence Organics

A Canadian made, truly organic skin care line. They believe strongly in natural healing and the benefits that nature’s extracts, essential oils and minerals can offer. They also have their own line of spas in Canada!


Cake BeautyCake Beauty

What started many years ago in founder Heather Reier’s kitchen in Kitchener, Cake Beauty has become a line of beauty products that are indulgent, innovative and natural (and they smell so delicious you’ll want to eat them!).


First Food OrganicsFirst Food Organics

First Food Organics started in 2010 as a small Canadian company making frozen organic baby food with fresh, local ingredients. They quickly realized the baby food aisle at the grocery store needed them as well, so in 2012 they launched a line of organic products that would bring quality, innovation and choice to parents.



Vega was inspired by co-founder Brendan Brazier’s professional Ironman training. He and Charles Chang set out to create a complete, whole food-derived nutritional shake that was made from 100% plant-based ingredients, and VegaOne was born.  Today, Vega offers a range of dairy, gluten and soy free products that strike a balance between whole food goodness and fast food convenience.


greenbeaverGreen Beaver

Officially started in 2001, Green Beaver is a Hawkesbury, Ontario-based family company founded on the belief that the best ingredients come from Mother Nature. They rely on pure, natural ingredients to bring you safe alternatives to common household cleaning or personal care products that are good for you, the environment, and future generations.


Canadian Brands

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