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Marni Wasserman | Real Food & Real Life Nutritionist
There are so many nutrition questions that come up on the regular - all about eating healthy and living well. What’s best, how much, how little, and what kind? Food trends (as with all trends) are always changing! However, there are questions that I’m often asked that I’m hoping can help you on your path to great health, so read on for the top 5 I’ve received from you lately.

As women, we are often natural nurturers and many of us put the wellbeing of others before ourselves. When we approach our late 40s, nearing menopause, the last thing we are concerned about is our heart health. But we should be. February is Heart Health Month in North America and is a great time to consider your risk factors and those of the women around you.  Heart health is not just a ‘man’s disease’, in fact, more women suffer strokes than men do, and women are more likely not to survive heart attack. Scary, but true.  The question now becomes: what can you do about this?

Dorothy Lyons, RD, PHEc
Beating an average of 100,000 times a day, a healthy heart pumps blood, full of oxygen and essential nutrients, to every organ, tissue and cell in your body, and carries away waste for disposal. Your heart keeps you going each and every day, but only if you treat it right! You see, according to the stats, you’ve got room for improvement.

Dr. Becky Lee, N.D.
Valentine’s Day is on its way. And it’s always a good time to improve heart health! Let’s take a closer look at one of the body’s most amazing organs. The human heart weighs from 200g to 425g and is about the same size as your fist. It is a remarkable organ that is able to pump out five liters of blood every minute, 7200 liters per day and over 2.6 million liters every year! Imagine how much support this little heart of ours needs in order to do all of that! Here are five things that may help your heart do its job better!

Candice Batista | The Eco Hub
Going green in the kitchen is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the planet. A few simple shifts will have you cooking up an eco-kitchen in no time. With 70 percent of your home's trash going to landfill instead of being composed, it’s easy to see where we need to begin. If you don’t compost, I hope you will after reading this.