These Are The 5 Best Crystals For Bringing You Success In The New Year

WellnessThese Are The 5 Best Crystals For Bringing You Success In The New Year

These Are The 5 Best Crystals For Bringing You Success In The New Year

best crystals for the new year

New Year’s resolutions can be tricky to bring to life. While it’s easy to set goals at the beginning of the year, hectic schedules can make them just as easy to lose sight of. Acting as visual reminders for our intentions, healing crystals can serve as powerful tools in setting and achieving our goals.

Yes, crystals are pretty to look at – but they’re known for much more than their colorful bling. There are literally thousands of different types of crystals, each holding their own unique energetic frequency and metaphysical property. So whether your goal this year is financial prosperity, physical health, or spiritual success, we’ve got a special gem ready to escort you and your goals into 2019.

1 | Amethyst | a good-for-anything stone

amethystThere is no doubt that in the crystal kingdom, Amethyst is Queen. Often referred to as “the master healer”, this stone is known to assist in all areas of life, which is why it’s a highly recommended crystal for beginners.

Among its renowned qualities, this royal purple gem is thought to heighten spiritual awareness and promote inner peace, making it a wonderful stone to turn to if your goal falls into the category of spiritual health.

However, if your goals are more physical, Amethyst can be helpful in this area as well. Carried by ancient priests to heal the sick, when set in a windowsill, Amethyst is believed to bring healing energy to its environment. Consider adding it to your workout room as a visual reminder of your fitness goals.

2| Moonstone | the stone of new beginnings

moonstoneLooking for a fresh start this year? Moonstone is a must! Often referred to as the stone of new beginnings, this creamy, caramel beauty is helpful for embarking on any kind of new journey, helping us to ease stress, stabilize emotions, and shed old versions of ourselves.

Step into the New Year by setting yourself up with a daily self-care practice that incorporates this powerful gem. Simply meditate with your Moonstone while contemplating your desired outcomes, or tuck it under your pillow to promote a peaceful sleep and guided dreams.

Moonstone is also known to inspire courage and strength, so keep it close any time you’re feeling anxious, or for when you need that extra little push to follow through with the goals you’ve set.

3 | Aquamarine | the stone of courage and clarity

aquamarinePlanning a special trip for 2019? Don’t forget to pack a special crystal in your carry-on. Kept and carried by sailors for good luck and protection thousands of years ago, Aquamarine is the perfect stone for the jet-setting gem.

Offering the strong and soothing energy of the ocean, this blue-green beauty is believed to inspire peace and close the conflict between trusting and letting go. It can be difficult to stay stress-free when travelling, but holding this stone during those tense moments can be an effective way to quiet the mind and remind us that we have all the divine wisdom within us to walk our highest path. If you take the time to stay centered and act on your intuition in 2019, you will indeed be living yours.

4 | Carnelian | the stone of strength and motivation

CarnelianCharge into the New Year with strength and a vivid orange Carnelian crystal. Said to have been worn around the necks of ancient warriors for fortitude and courage, Carnelian is an energizer known for its ability to inspire extreme motivation and endurance.

In addition to its ability to offer an energetic pick-me-up, it is also thought to be an extremely protective crystal, so keep it close in times when you need to be reminded that you are divinely protected.

Furthermore, should you find yourself in a bit of a slump, Carnelian can be a helpful gem to hold in meditation when you just need a little extra oomph to get you past the finish line. Allow this powerful stone to help you move through feelings of burnout and into a space of feeling invigorated and restored. The bold energy of this stone reminds us that our deepest strength in 2019 lies not in the physical world, but in the depths of our own spirit.

5 | Pyrite | the stone of prosperity

pyriteLast but not least, this golden beauty is a must have, especially if your New Year’s resolution is related to your career or financial health. An extremely positive energy stone, Pyrite is especially useful for entrepreneurs or those who are business-minded.

Named for its ability to literally spark fire, Pyrite is known to foster the birth of new ideas and creative solutions. When placed on a desk, it is believed to infuse your workspace with positive energy. Set this golden gem in your office to elevate the energy of your work environment and promote positive interactions with your co-workers.

If enhanced confidence is on your list of goals, Pyrite can be helpful for this as well, inspiring bold and innovative ideas while offering the self-assurance needed to share them. Pyrite reminds us to keep a positive attitude and just go for it!


We know that getting (and staying!) on top of your New Year’s resolutions can be a little overwhelming but when we take the time to set our intentions, anything is possible. These stones offer encouragement not to hesitate. Conquer your goals by tuning in and taking the extra time to take care of yourself. With a positive mindset, some calculated action, and consistency, those New Year’s resolutions aren’t as out of touch as you might think.

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