Beauty Solve: 4 Steps to an at Home Pedicure

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Beauty Solve: 4 Steps to an at Home Pedicure

woman giving herself a pedicure

Spring is finally starting to feel like spring and summer is just around the corner! I think that means we’re all due for a little pampering, and what better way to get in some self-care than with a pretty, polished pedicure!

Here are the 4 steps we’re taking to get the perfect at home pedicure:

  1. Start from smooth

Buck Naked scrubEveryone knows the best part of any pedicure is the hot foot bath that leaves your feet feeling fresh and fabulous!

Indulge in a little at-home-spa-moment with Buck Naked’s Jasmine + Charcoal Sugar Scrub. After soaking your feet in a beautiful little foot bath, bring out this sustainable, fair trade exfoliant to buff away dry and flaky skin and leave your feet fresh and ready to go!

2. Reset Your Skin with a Foot Mask

If all that scrubbing isn’t really your thing, try subbing out the scrub for a relaxing foot mask!Foot Mask

After soaking your feet for 10min, pat dry then place these mask booties on your feet and let them work their magic! While you’re lounging and reaching maximum relaxation, this foot mask will be hard at work to remove the rough and tough from your feet, leaving them silky smooth!

3. Sculpt Your Fave Nail Shape

pedicure KitThis cute little spa kit has everything you need at your fingertips (toe tips?) to pamper your little piggies.

Complete with nail clipper, curved wooden nail brush, cuticle stick, emery board, foot file, toe separators and a pair of cozy warm slippers, you’ll have everything you need to shape the picture perfect nails of your dreams!

4. Polish it off!

No pedicure is complete without the perfect polish! Whether you’re a classic neutrals or a bold-and-beautiful type, we allnail polish kit love a little pop of colour!

Can’t decide what to do? Check out this set that we’re loving for spring! Complete with 2 bright and cheery colours, clear topcoat, and a variety of nail decals for a little something different.

What’s your at home spa essential?

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