Beard Maintenance 101

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Beard Maintenance 101

Beards are back, and they’re trendier than ever! Read on for our tips on how to create a beard maintenance routine that keeps your beard looking soft, healthy, and super stylish.

Step 1: Cleansing

When you’re looking for a beard cleanser, it’s important to pick one that’s specially designed for beards since using regular shampoo can leave your beard and skin feeling parched.  We love Urban Beard Shampoo Bar, because it’s loaded with antioxidants and vitamins and minerals to nourish skin, and has a fresh minty scent.

Step 2: Conditioning

Facial hair can be pretty bristly, so conditioner is a crucial step in your beard maintenance routine. Look for products like The Northern Company’s Cottage Country Conditioner, that help get rid of knots and tangles while conditioning and hydrating. Bonus – this one is made with fresh, cottage country-inspired blend of essential oils. If you’ve got an especially rugged beard that needs extra TLC, try The Northern Beard Company’s Group of Seven Beard Balm – it’s a leave-in conditioner that keeps beard hair ultra moisturized.

Step 3: Beard Oil

Beard oils are one of the hottest grooming must haves for guys right now, and it’s not hard to see why! They help to soothe dry skin, prevent beard dandruff, and keep your beard moisturized and smelling awesome. Our favourites are Urban Beard’s Bay Rum Beard Oil and Northern Beard Company’s Beard Oils (the woodsy Boreal Blend is our fave) because they’re made with natural plant-based ingredients, essential oils and nourishing vitamins and minerals to keep beards soft and healthy looking.

Step 4: Styling

Next up, styling your beard! After you’ve applied your beard oil, style your beard using a beard comb. If you’ve got a bushier beard that needs a little extra taming, try a beard wax or balm like Walton Wood Farm’s The Beast Beard Balm (we love the cracked pepper and mandarin scent), or The Northern Beard Company Alert Moustache Wax that provides extra strong hold to tame and style your beard and moustache.

What are your guy grooming essentials? Share your picks with us in the comments!

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