We Put All of Our Back to School Tips and Tricks into This Post

FamilyBack to SchoolWe Put All of Our Back to School Tips and Tricks into This Post

We Put All of Our Back to School Tips and Tricks into This Post

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Back to school is on the horizon. We can see it. We can hear the bells ringing and the kids laughing. We know the walk to school might be rough that first morning but part of us is looking forward to stretching our legs after the long summer. We’re ready for back to school…are you?

The hustle and bustle of sending the kids back to school can be stressful so we’re rounding up some of our blogs, tips, tricks, and products so that the info you’re looking for is at your fingertips!


The first thing most parents think about when planning back to school is lunches. Nut-free, litterless, what to pack and how to keep it healthy and keep kids interested. We’ve got lots of excellent tips in our blogs that focus on packing lunches like Your Litterless Lunch Checklist & Buying Guide, Tips & Ideas for Nut-Free Lunches, and Healthy (& Delicious) Snacking Swaps.

We’ve also been spending our summer days lazily (not!) pinning up a storm and we have Pinterest boards for all things food!


Keeping ourselves organized at the best of times can be difficult, but somehow we manage on a regular basis. Organizing children (particularly our children) can be rather like herding cats—especially at the beginning of a new school year. We’ve been slacking for at least some of the summer and now it’s time to get back on track. We’re struggling (but pulling through!) by rereading some of our blogs like The Lazy Parent’s Guide to Organizing Kids6 Tips for a Quick Family Morning Routine, and 5 “Mom” Hacks for Every Parent . And just in case we have a last minute urge for a short fall vacay (perhaps on Thanksgiving weekend), we’ll make sure to reread 15 Tips for Travelling with Kids and New Mom Must-Haves for Travelling with Baby & Kids. Of course, by then we may only have the energy for a staycation, in which case 19 Long Weekend Staycations will definitely come in handy.

Keeping Them Healthy

Of course, we want to keep our kids healthy (who doesn’t?). We would do anything to keep the sniffles, coughs and fevers away from our homes this year, right? So, we’re taking notes from our blogs 5 Essential Vitamins for Kids4 Tips for Keeping Your Children Healthy This Winter, and Cold & Flu Prevention This Viral Season. For their everyday health, we are also going to remember to pack a brimmed hat and some sunscreen in their bags (at least in September and October) and remembering what we learned from Why & How to Protect Yourself & Your Littles from the Sun. We’ll also be implementing the tricks in 5 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth and the tips from 3 Tips on Sleep Training on a nightly basis to get them to brush their teeth (why do kids hate doing that?) and get a good night’s sleep.

Keeping Ourselves Healthy

We can’t take care of them if we don’t take care of us. Late nights helping with homework or attending parent-teacher conferences will throw us off for sure, but if we take care of ourselves from the get-go we’ll handle it all much better. We will likely try to work yoga into our routine at least once a week (especially since we know we should after reading 5 Reasons You Should Do Yoga), we’ll start a new fitness routine thanks to tips from 5 Steps to a Fitness Routine That Works, and perhaps even start running again (now that the mornings and evenings are cool) with the notes we took from Tips on Training for a 5K. We’ll also look at adding some supplements to our diet and we’ll know which ones to get thanks to Too Busy for Good Nutrition? Try an All-in-One Supplement, and we’re totally inspired to pack good lunches for ourselves thanks to 7 Secrets to Making the Perfect Lunch Salad and How to Pack a Delicious Lunch for Yourself. In fact, our entire diet may have a bit of a revamp so we can sleep better (so we’ll have the energy to do all this exercise) and will take tips from Eating Well for Better Sleep.

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