Back to School Checklists

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Back to School Checklists

Back to school can be a stressful time. Whether your child is entering school for the very first time or starting a new grade, you’ll want to have them ready for going back to school this fall.

So we’ve gathered a list of school essentials for your child. Whether you’re putting your little one on the bus for the first time or preparing your child for a new grade, we’ve got a checklist of what you’ll need.



And don’t forget to stock your home so that you can prepare your little kid before the first day:

Grade School


You’ll also want to keep these items at home for school day prep throughout the year:

There’s so much to organize for the first day back to school. So we always have a handy, printable list for kindergarten and grade school. They list everything you’ll need for the new school year!

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