Babywearing, Chasing Toddlers, and Getting Stuff Done

FamilyBabywearing, Chasing Toddlers, and Getting Stuff Done

Babywearing, Chasing Toddlers, and Getting Stuff Done

One huge perk of babywearing is having extra arms to get everything done. So often we as parents have multiple things to attend to, other children to care for, and a huge to-do list…all with a new baby in tow. It’s the “new normal” right? And the funny thing about parenting is that as soon as you have it down, it changes again!But babywearing is something that has a place in all stages of you and your baby’s life. Babywearing is there is create a stronger, closer bond, help with naptimes and rest periods, and also assists parents in parenting other children, including very busy toddlers! Below are some benefits of babywearing while chasing your other rambunctious little ones.

  1. If your children are anything like mine, there will be plenty of roughhousing and being silly. When my youngest was born I was always a little nervous to put him on the ground with all the activity all around, so I would find myself wearing him around the house as much as possible. And in turn, baby was in the safest place possible, right next to me!
  2. Babywearing frees up your hands, which allows you to tend to the other little people in your life. When I had my second child, one of my big concerns was not being able to give my first child as much attention like I always had. With babywearing, it allowed me the freedom to do so, and made us both feel like we still got to spend the same amount of time together playing and snuggling, like we always did. There just happened to be a baby sleeping on my chest while we did so!
  3. Chores? Errands? You’ve got this. Babywearing makes day to day activities so much easier. One of the biggest things for me was putting away dishes, prepping for meals (with baby on my back), grocery shopping, you name it. All of these things were harder with one child, but add two in the mix and babywearing was imperative. School drop off though was probably the time when babywearing was my best friend- I would put my little one in the carrier and then be able to walk my son into school, holding his hand, and he had a great start to his day with focused time from Mommy.
  4. Our daily walks were made easier by our Ergobaby carrier as well. Instead of using a stroller, I was able to keep up with my oldest without being confined to pushing something along the way. It made for a more fun time, and best of all, baby was nestled into my chest, safe and sound.

Do you have any favorite reasons you babywear, or tips for getting things done while babywearing and wrangling toddlers? Do tell!

Written by Danielle Hampton. Reprinted with permission from the Ergobaby Blog.

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