A Q&A With BabyList CEO Natalie Gordon

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Natalie and MaxNatalie Gordon is the CEO of BabyList, the super popular (and extremely easy to use) online baby registry that new parents everywhere are loving! We had a chance to catch up with her for a quick Q&A on the story of BabyList, tips for new parents, and the things you really need on your registry.

Rebecca & Erin: We’re such big fans of BabyList – it’s such a great idea! What prompted you to create it?

Natalie: I was pregnant with my first child and creating my baby registry. The most important things to me were a local diaper service, someone to walk our German Shepard, and some traditional gear and baby clothes. I couldn’t find any service that would let me put these things on one list and seemed cool enough to send out to everyone coming to my shower. That was the inspiration for BabyList.

R & E: The response to the site has been amazing! What do your users love most about it?

N: The site is five years old now (I know because my son is five). The growth has been slow and steady, but we estimate that 15% of first-time expecting parents in the USA and Canada sign up for a BabyList baby registry. It’s a huge milestone.

I think users love a lot of different things we do. One thing that is really important to us and to our users is that we don’t judge — we know that every family is different. If you go to a lot of websites or stores, they make you think you need everything on a 200-item checklist. That’s totally false. You need the right things for your family. We do a good job of helping users figure that out.

R & E: What’s hot for new parents and baby this year?

N: The breakaway product in 2015 was the Halo Bassinest, a bassinet with a swivel feature.

I think there has been a shift in the last couple of years away from baby gear that looks baby-ish. Colors are more muted (like greys, creams, and whites) and fit into your house as opposed to garish colors that look “baby-ish.” I’ve seen this same trend with baby clothes.

R & E: If you could advise users to only register for 5 things, what would they be and why?


  1. A baby carrier for newborn-four-month old babies. The Moby Wrap, Baby K’tan, or Baby Bjorn Original carrier are all great options.
  2. A baby carrier with hip support for babies 4+ months. For our first we had a traditional Ergobaby carrier, for our second an Ergobaby 360. They are both fabulous carriers. (Other carriers that would fit the bill are Lillebaby, Beco Gemini, BabyBjorn One, Tula Carrier, and others).
  3. Swaddles. Aden and Anais swaddles are gorgeous and one of the most registered for items. Both of my babies needed to be swaddled. The blankets can be used for so many other things.
  4. An infant car seat like the Britax B-Safe or Graco Snugride.
  5. A bouncer. I recommend the BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance or 4moms Bouncer.

And if I could add just a sixth, it would be baby books. It’s so nice to start your baby’s library and always have books around.

R & E: What’s the one piece of advice that you’d give to new parents or parents-to-be?

N: You’ve got this! The thing I’ve recognized as the biggest change for me with baby #2 (who is turning a year) is that I see that everything is a phase. Baby gas ends. Sleepless nights end. The hardest things and the best things are all phases and generally won’t last for the rest of your life (even if they feel that way).

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