Baby Monitors 101

Believe it or not, there will come a time that you’ll want to be an arm’s length (or more) away from your precious babe. The early days are completely hands on, but as your little one starts sleeping longer for naps and at night, they’ll likely do best in the quiet of their own space. Parents can enjoy their newfound pockets of peace knowing that baby is completely safe and sound by employing a baby monitor.

Baby monitors are truly a wonderful invention. For medium to large sized-homes they are an absolutely must. If your baby is sleeping on a separate floor, you likely won’t hear their cries or know when they’ve woken from their nap. But even for smaller homes (like ours) they’re beneficial. We always use a sound machine when our little ones are sleeping and even that, in our small home, is enough to muffle baby’s coos and cries.

A baby monitor lets you create that perfect sleep oasis for baby while allowing you to hear them at optional degrees of volume. If your baby needs a good cry before falling asleep (so many do!) then you’re able to turn the volume down a bit. If you’re trying to get your baby on a schedule and you want to know exactly when they wake, a monitor will help you hear their first waking whimper.

Today, there are some amazing options for baby monitors so that parents can take their pick! Check out the Safety 1st LumiSound Audio Monitor if you want multiple receivers. This way you can have one with you in the kitchen and another in the yard, or wherever you may be moving around as baby sleeps.

Video monitors have also become popular in recent years and with good reason! Parents can double check if baby has rolled over or lost their soother without barging in and taking the risk of waking them or disturbing the bedtime routine. The Motorola MBP33S features a remote zoom, and the Motorola MBP854Connect actually connects with your mobile device (and has an enormous screen)! For good old fashioned audio, there’s also the Motorola MBP160 Digital Monitor and the Philips AVENT SCD570/10.

As parents, it will never be easy to let our little ones go, so take advantage of a baby monitor as you make those baby steps!

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