5 Baby Bath Time Issues, Solved!

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baby bath time

There is something about baby bath time that brings me all the happy feels. The sweet splashing noises, the subtle smell of lavender, and the alone time we get as I help my baby wind down for the day. I have so many happy memories of this special time with just me and one of my children that I will hold with me forever.

With a new baby comes a lot of questions and bath time is no exception. When I brought my first baby home, I wasn’t sure how often I was supposed to give him a bath, what the difference was between all the shampoo options, and he didn’t really enjoy bath time.

Turns out, these are concerns many parents have so if you’re struggling with finding the answers, you’re not alone—here are 5 frequently asked questions, answered!

1. How often should I bathe baby?

This question always seems to be up for debate and most families have a routine that works best for them. For me, the only time I bathed my baby every night was when he was battling a burn from an allergic reaction and was soothed by warm water and baking soda. Otherwise, I would only give a bath every few days or a few times a week.

Baby’s skin is really sensitive and I’ve noticed it’s also quite prone to drying out. For the most part, just spot-washing their neck, hands, feet, and face can do the trick most days and save the full bath for every 2-3 days.

2. What kind of tub should I use?

There are so many different types of baby bath tubs out there and choosing one really depends on where you live and what type will work best for your family. You can choose to bathe your baby in the kitchen sink when they’re little, there are rings that allow you to bathe right in the main bathroom tub, or standalone baby tubs.

3. What kind of soap should I use?

My kids have super sensitive skin and when you’re looking for soap or shampoo for a little newborn or child with sensitive skin, choosing the right soap makes a big difference. I like to stick to the organic soaps like Live Clean Baby Tearless Shampoo and Wash — it’s perfect for their sensitive skin and the tearless formula means it won’t sting if it gets into baby’s eyes.

4. My baby screams in the bath, how can I help?

All four of my kids have hated the bath at some point so it’s not uncommon. If you find your baby screams during what should be a relaxing time, here are some tips that may help:

  • Take a bath with your baby. Climb into the tub with your baby and bathe together, making sure the water isn’t too too hot.
  • Keep baths quick. Only give your baby 5 minute quick baths to minimize the time they’re upset.
  • Keep them out of the washroom until the tub is filled. One of my kids was really afraid of the loud noise of filling the tub. If you only bring them into the washroom when it’s filled, it may help!

5. What is the best time to bathe a baby?

My babies always loved a bath just before bed — it was part of our routine to help them fall asleep. Not all babies get lulled by the warm water though, for some, they make find it helps them start their day right and find the tub a wonderful play place. There is no “best” time or “right” time to bathe your baby, it’s very individual to each child’s personality and preferences (and yours too!).

What’s your favourite thing about bath time with baby? Share in the comments!

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