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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal physiologic response to an upcoming or unknown event. The feelings of anxiety are typically sweating, ‘butterflies in the stomach,’ general feelings of tension, worry or nervousness. First dates, an upcoming exam, or job interview are all examples of normal life situations that can cause anxious feelings. However, when these feelings occur during day-to-day events and affect your regular activities, you may require extra support.

Whether you’re simply looking to add a little more calm into your life, or you’re seeking natural options to add to your current regime from your healthcare provider, there are many effective anxiety reducing options out there. Here are a few safe, natural, and effective ways to get started:

Top Natural Solutions


Most of us know this plant to be used for sleep and general relaxation. However, lavender aromatherapy has been scientifically studied for generalized anxiety. Using a few drops of pure lavender essential oil mixed into your body lotion is a great way to experience lasting calming effects. Using a diffuser in your car or home is another option to keep anxious feelings at bay.

Magnesium glycinate

This specific type of magnesium packs an extra punch when it comes to reducing anxiety. Both magnesium and glycine (glycinate) are nutrients required by the body’s parasympathetic nervous system. This is the nervous system responsible for sleep, balanced mood, slowed heart rate and proper digestion. Taking 1-2 capsules before bed is a great place to start.

Lemon balm

Properly known as Melissa Officinalis, this plant has been used for thousands of years to calm the jitters, especially related to a ‘nervous stomach.’ Since lemon balm tastes like it sounds, I love using it as a tea. Simply steep 1 bag in hot water for at least 15 minutes, and drink up to 4 cups per day. If you want even more anxiety-relieving benefit, try adding 5-10 drops of the herb in tincture form to your warm cup of tea.

Additional options for support

Beyond the natural medicine cabinet exist many other forms of support for anxiety. These work best in combination with vitamins & supplements, especially when you utilize them consistently!


Numerous studies support regular physical exercise (as little as 10 minutes daily) to help support a healthy mood and lower excessive anxious feelings. Aim to get out in the fresh air whenever possible, but most importantly, doing something you enjoy!

Mindfulness techniques

This simply refers to the activity of focusing on something specific, other than your worries and anxiety. Mindfulness teaches the brain to change its perspective on a situation by choosing what to focus on. It also creates a sense of calm when done regularly. Seek out a mindfulness center in your area or try some online training to learn the basics.


If your anxiety is difficult to manage alone & prevents you from accomplishing your daily activities with ease, it may be worth speaking with a licensed professional. Whether a psychologist or counsellor, working with someone highly trained in this area can give you the tools you need for lasting results.


  • samantha nehmi

    great post ! definitely want to try the lemon balm

  • Margaret Tourond-Townson

    Very good morning!
    I burn lavender oil in my small clay-pot burner. The fragrance of lavender spreads through the whole house – deeply relaxing and pleasant! Then I read the Psalms and anxiety is ‘out the window’! Great for seniors! Great for everyone!

  • Dr. Laura Belus ND

    Lavender oil diffused in the home is a great way to relax the entire household!

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