An Earth Month Q&A with Sweet Potato Chronicles’ Ceri Marsh

FoodAn Earth Month Q&A with Sweet Potato Chronicles’ Ceri Marsh

An Earth Month Q&A with Sweet Potato Chronicles’ Ceri Marsh

Toronto-based Sweet Potato Chronicles is one of our favourite places to go for mealtime inspiration. We love that they create and share ideas for meals that are healthy and kid-friendly, and that as parents they understand that making tasty meals that are actually easy to put together is key! As part of our focus on making greener choices this Earth Month, we caught up with Sweet Potato Chronicles co-creator Ceri Marsh for a quick Q&A on being green!

Rebecca & Erin : First things first, on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being not green at all, 10 being totally green) how green are you?

C: Hmm… I’d say we’re probably in the 6 or 7 range for green-ness. One of the best things we’ve started doing is composting. We live in a condo and it’s only recently that Toronto allowed condo dwellers to be a part of the composting program the city offers. It has reduced our garbage dramatically. I also bought my husband a Soda Stream last year and that has reduced our waste a lot, too. But I know we could better with household cleaning products.

R & E: What kinds of products do you try to look for green & natural versions of?

C: I look for green or natural products when it comes to laundry and personal products for my family. Both of my kids had eczema as babies and toddlers and are still prone to rashes. And I find that keeping things simple and as natural as possible really helps.

R & E: Making greener choices is definitely more important to us when it comes to what we use on our kids too. Why is using things that are made with green ingredients important to you?

C: Not only do I like to buy green or natural products because I think they’re better for my kids, I really like supporting those brands. I feel like the more consumers make green choices, the more all companies will be encouraged to consider going greener.

R & E: How easy do you feel like it is to make greener choices?

C: On the one hand I think it’s easier now than ever to make greener choices, because there are so many products on the market. On the other hand, there are so many products it can feel overwhelming! And I think you need to approach some of those products with a skeptical eye. Lots of brands are happy to label their products green without really making any changes to them.

R & E: What green products are you using right now that you love?

C: I really like Nature Clean laundry soap. It truly has no scent and I really care about that. I like so many products by Burt’s Bees – for me and for my kids. I love NutraSea’s Omega3 Liquid. I’m also obsessed with Poetic Blend, a small Toronto skincare line that makes the most gorgeous skin oils

R & E: OK, one last question. If you could leave us with one piece of advice for making greener choices, what would it be?

C: I think it’s important to feel like any change you can make is important. Just because you’re not doing everything green doesn’t mean you should give up on making the change you can make.

What are your tips for making greener choices? Share them with us in the comments!

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