11 Must Haves No One Told You You’ll Need After Having a Baby

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11 Must Haves No One Told You You’ll Need After Having a Baby

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Written by Nicole Flynn, Well.ca’s VP of Merchandising (and a first time mom!)

As a first time mom, the amount of advice you receive can be overwhelming. While I was pregnant with my son William, I had a lot of friends who gave me their best tips and advice, but there were still a lot of things I wasn’t prepared for.

Here are the top items I didn’t know I would need before having a baby, but that I found absolutely necessary.

1. The Biggest Water Bottle Ever!

I didn’t realize how thirsty I would be during those first weeks at home with my little guy. Breastfeeding makes you dehydrated and I found that I was always looking for a glass of water. My husband bought me a 750ml S’well bottle and I took it with me everywhere I went.

2. NoseFrida The Snotsucker

William was born in December in the middle of cold & flu We tried our best to keep him from catching something, but he did end up getting a little cold in the early days. The NoseFrida worked perfectly to clear his nasal passage and keep him comfortable while *we* battled through his first sickness. We continue to use this whenever he gets a cold.

 3. Multiple Swaddles & Burp Cloths

William had reflux issues and spit up often, which can be pretty messy. I always needed to have a clean stack of cloths or swaddles at hand while feeding to clean up the mess.

4. A Lot Of Nursing Tanks & Bras

Early on while breastfeeding, I found out things can get leaky. It was helpful to have a few tanks and bras on hand so I could swap out for a clean one when I needed to (which was often!).

new mom holding newborn's feet

As a first time mom, there are so many products I didn’t know I would need before having a baby!

5. Baby Ddrops

Our doctor recommended we start giving Baby Ddrops to William right away while he was breastfed. We went through bottles of Baby Ddrops regularly so I was always stocking up.

6. All Of The Onesies!

In the early days, we just wanted to keep William comfortable and warm. I found that long sleeved onesies were perfect for this. He lived in different variations of our favourite and most comfy onesie for the first few months.

7. Healing Balm / Eczema Cream

Newborns have really sensitive skin. William had some dryness, a bit of baby acne and cradle cap. I was happy to have a supply of natural and organic balms and lotions that I knew wouldn’t irritate his skin and would help with any dryness or sensitivity. To this day, we still use the Weleda Baby Lotion every night.

8. DermaFrida the SkinSoother

This was another lifesaver when it came to William’s sensitive skin. We used it during bath time to keep his skin feeling smooth and soft.

9. A Really Great Breast Pump

I wasn’t sure if I would ever use my pump, but I received it as a gift and am so happy I did. It was nice to have the freedom to pump and leave William with his Dad while I enjoyed some “me” time.

10. Grobag Sleep Bag

This was key when we transitioned him to his crib. It kept him warm and comfy and we felt content knowing he was safe. Even now at 18 months, he can’t sleep without his sleep bag.

11. An Activity Gym

Another great gift I received but wasn’t sure how much we would use. We spent quite a bit of time with William lying on the mat doing tummy time and would show him the different characters and colours. He actually laughed for the first time while watching the little animals swing around.

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