A Vegan’s Honest Review of 6 Nut Milks

FoodA Vegan’s Honest Review of 6 Nut Milks

A Vegan’s Honest Review of 6 Nut Milks

4 glasses of dairy- free milk

Being vegan doesn’t mean your diet has to be restrictive! In fact, there are so many options on the market that the transition is fun and experimental!

As a longtime vegan, these are the dairy milk alternatives I have tried and tested!

  1. Oat

Oat milk is one of my absolute favourites for a few reasons. It whips up well in a smoothie, tastes great in cereal, it requires much less water to produce than most milk alternatives, while also requiring less land use! The only thing you may need to be weary of is traces of gluten unless the oats are certified gluten free! Overall, I would recommend for daily use!

  1. Almond

A classic! I personally love the taste of almond milk and I think it pairs perfectly with some vegan chocolate chip cookies! This versatile nut milk tastes great in smoothies, on its own, and in baking recipes that call for dairy milk. A big drawback for me is the fact that almond milk takes much more water and land to produce than oat milk, so this one is an occasional purchase for me, however when I do indulge, it’s a nice treat!

  1. Cashew

Cashew milk is creamier than most, so it stole my heart upon that first sip! I love that the taste is more neutral than most milk alternatives and that it’s a much richer option. On weekends I like to experiment with making superfood lattes and smoothies – my first pick for a nut milk base is always cashew milk! It always blends so well and froths up so perfectly! This one is definitely a weekend fave!

  1. Coconut

Coconut milk is rich and has a delicious mouth feel! Full fat coconut milk is ideal for whipping up into a whipped cream alternative and adding to spicy curries for a thick and comforting meal. I also love adding light coconut milks to smoothies and making “Golden Milk Lattes” to help with inflammation after a tough workout. The only downside to coconut milk is the strong coconut flavor that could be overwhelming in certain recipes.

  1. Hemp

This one packs a powerful punch nutrition-wise. Hemp milk is rich in Omegas, Calcium, protein, and is anti-inflammatory. This is a must-have for your post-workout smoothies and pairs well with vanilla plant-based protein powders and cacao powder (those are my post-workout smoothie must-haves)! I find hemp milk has a very earthy flavour and works better blended with other stronger flavours in a smoothie vs in a glass on its own. However, if earthy flavours are your vibe, then this may be the secret ingredient you’re looking for!

  1. Hazelnut

Hazelntut is another indulgent nut milk! Hazelnuts are one of my favourite nuts (especially around the holidays)! This nut milk is the perfect warmed up for a rich hot chocolate (with some vegan mini marshmallows) and a great addition to lattes, smoothies, and a great alternative in baking anything chocolatey (psst… vegan chocolate brownies topped with crushed hazelnuts, perhaps!?).

Honourable mentions: Flax, Pumpkin Seed, and Pea milks are also amazing alternatives to conventional dairy milk! They are all packed with protein, omegas, and other micro nutrients that traditional milk is generally lacking.

If you’re looking to ditch dairy, try experimenting with some these varieties and tell me how you liked them in the comments below!

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