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New dad product picks
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Pregnancy & Newborns

A New Dad’s Faves For Baby

Baby girl sleeping

Below are some of my favourites so far…and it was tough keeping it to 5!


Uppababy Vista Stroller1.UppaBaby Mesa Car Seat and Vista Stroller

When my wife and I were stroller shopping we had narrowed it down to two. We decided to look at and test drive both options. After a very quick spin around the store, our decision was made.

The Vista is incredibly smooth, and we love the large storage compartment in the bottom. What is also appealing about the Vista are the various possibilities for add on carrying options when another baby joins the family. In addition, we’ve found that the Uppababy Mesa Car Seat is very easy to install and the transition from the car to the stroller is a breeze, which is crucial when trying to keep a baby asleep. Highly recommend!

2.  Jolly Jumper Boomerang Nursing Cushion Nursing cushion

Our daughter loves to lounge on this while feeding, either from my wife or when bottle feeding with myself. She often falls asleep on the cushion after a good feed.  It is so comfy I would be lying if I said I haven’t used it for a nap or two myself!

Water wipes3. Water Wipes

We noticed a little diaper rash when using another brand of wipes so we switched to these and immediately noticed a difference. They’re soft and gentle and we like that they are more natural than other brands!

4. Copper PearlCopper Pearl

We received a Copper Pearl blanket and hat as a gift and we love it. The material is incredibly soft and light weight yet keeps her warm. There are great pattern styles as well.

soundspa5. HoMedics Noise Machine

Our daughter loves hearing noises to get to sleep whether it is a ‘Shhhhhhing’ noise from my wife or I or having the noise machine on. We usually keep the machine on the water stream or white noise setting however there are multiple sound options and a good volume range. This machine does a great job of blocking out everyday noise that can interrupt her sleep.

What are your favourite baby products for new parents?


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